Skyler Simpson reflects on her first North Penn football game

Sophomore Skyler Simpson talks about her favorite parts of a North Penn football game.

On Thursday, September 28th, I visited my first North Penn football game – actually, my first football game all together. A little hesitant at first, I was persuaded to go by some close friends of mine.

I was pretty excited about it all day, and so was everyone else. It was their first game too, so we were all ready to experience some North Penn spirit. They mentioned that everyone would be going, and that the theme was “Hawaiian.” When we were getting ready, we made sure to send outfit updates to each other, especially when I discovered that I did not have a Hawaiian shirt. Giving up on the whole theme, I figured it was better to dress casual and comfortable, and I was right. It got a little chilly later on in the night, some people even brought blankets.

I got there just as the sun was setting, and after getting some pregame pictures, my friends and I headed into the stadium. Much to my surprise, there was a ton of room on the bleachers close to the front. We sat down in the second row to watch the game and I finally had a moment to analyze my surroundings. Supporters from both teams were cheering, as were the energetic cheerleaders. All the players were huddled together before running out into the field. The sun was almost down at this point, casting dark shadows contrasting the orange sky. The lights were flashing, the people were talking, and in that moment, I felt a huge swell of North Penn pride.

Looking around further, I noticed some younger kids playing games in the corners of the stadium. Accompanied by their parents, I realized how many families actually bonded at these games. Games welcome everyone – parents, kids, students from all schools, and general supporters.

Around halftime, we all went to get some food. I thought I would have trouble finding something I liked, but it was just the opposite! There was pizza, hot dogs, tacos, candy, drinks, Rita’s water ice, popcorn, and even a cheese steak tent. After buying some pizza and a Hershey’s bar, we rushed back to the stands for the halftime performance.

Not only were the Marching Knights there, but also the color guard. Both were exceptional – but together, it was an amazing show. The musicians played beautifully while the flags waved in intricate patterns and directions. I wish it had been longer!

The remainder of the game was just as great as the first half. Not only was North Penn in the lead, and ended up taking the win, but the spirit lasted all the way until the last person left the school. It was an awesome experience overall, where talented students and the North Penn community came together to celebrate and support each other. Moments like these make me proud to go to North Penn, and I’ll definitely be going to games in the future. I want to spend all my nights being a Knight.