NPHS Teacher reflects on her experience with Titanic the Musical

Sue Cassel, NPHS English Teacher

I would like to express my appreciation to Andrea Roney for asking me to be a part of this very special production. I had never seen this particular musical, and I had no idea what to expect. Until last Monday, I had not seen the entire show, and when I did, I was totally blown away by both the show itself and the entire production team (cast, crew, and band).

Did you know that
1. There are seamstresses working non-stop throughout the production (even during the final performance) making sure that any costume issues are immediately resolved?
2. Many parents are there at all performances helping with the candygrams, flowers, food for the cast and crew, etc?
3. The pit band played during MOST of the show, incidental music during dialogue as well as songs sung by the cast?
4. There is a camera that provides a LIVE FEED backstage on both sides so that cast members who are not onstage can actually watch the show? (I thought this was the coolest thing EVER.)
5. There are an incredible number of cues for the technical team to deal with, both light and sound?
6. You could hear a pin drop backstage during the last 15 minutes of the show as we all watched the Titanic sink before going on for the final song?
7. All the faculty members involved in the production were totally committed and as passionate as the students were about this play?
8. There is nothing like the sense of community that evolves during the course of a theatrical production?

I was a parent of theater sons for many years here and then a faculty member watching the shows, and now I have had the opportunity to return to my roots as a stage actor, which I was for a number of years before coming back to teaching.

We are so lucky to have a district that supports the arts, and this show is a particularly fine example of what that means to the community. Kudos to Andrea, Deb and John Buckner, Matt Klenk, and the rest of the amazing team that put on Titanic. I had 26 former and present students involved in this show. I am blessed. We are blessed.