School board discusses upcoming tax changes for new school year



North Penn School Board members meet at the June 6, 2023 meeting.

LANSDALE – Both June’s work session and finance committee meetings were held on Tuesday, June 6th at the North Penn School District Educational Services Center. The finance meeting reviewed budget updates for the following school year and an in-depth discussion about tax changes within the county.

Mr. Stephen Skrocki, Chief financial officer, led a discussion regarding changes to the general fund budget since the previous meeting on May 18, 2023. Skrocki shared a presentation with the board to visually compare the percent change in revenues and expenses. The proposed final budget provides a deficit of around $9.5 million. The percent change from the previous year in revenues is 2.53% and the percent change in expenses is 3.98%. 

Due to the upcoming high school renovation project, the board suggests that citizens pay a 4.1% tax increase. With a positive variance in the budget, the board recommends that North Penn uses some of this money to pre-fund the high school renovations project and reduce any borrowing in an attempt to limit the interest expense of the project.

The board members then reviewed the 2023-2024 Homestead budget and exemption rules. North Penn has around 24,000 properties eligible for the homestead exemption and received $6.3 million from the states which provides these homeowners with about $264.52 per household. The bill reduction is 0.39 cents higher than last year and $51.50 higher than the previous year. 

The board does not plan to meet for a finance committee meeting in the month of July but will still be meeting for an action meeting as well as an action meeting and work session in the month of August.

Skrocki discussed the timing of the referendum for the 9th-grade addition to the high school in regard to the primary election. The primary election is scheduled for April 23, 2024, but proposed legislation would move it to March 19, 2024.

Student representative Lauren Yoo accompanied the board for her last school board meeting and thanked them for their assistance throughout the year. Yoo also discussed the tentative bill regarding financial assistance for Pennsylvanian students taking AP exams.

After the finance committee meeting the board met for a work session meeting where Assistant District Attorney Angela Bell spoke about the Juvenile Diversion Initiative in Montgomery County. Bell’s presentation showed visuals of how the district can handle disciplinary measures and which offenses should be brought to the attention of the Juvenile Justice system rather than the newly implemented YAP system.

All motions were carried out for review for the upcoming action meeting taking place on May 22, 2023. Other information can be found in BoardDocs.