Board engages in discussion about future plans and taxes

April’s action meeting took place at the Lansdale Borough Hall. On Tuesday night, the board highlighted North Penn’s Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving team. Head Coach, Jeff Faikish, mentioned specific members of the team who were high achievers throughout the season.

A number of students were recognized by the board as well as three coaches who helped lead these student athletes in their success. Sophomore, Madeline Faikish, was the girls swimming and diving most valuable athlete and broke two school records as well as holding the title for 500 freestyle state champion. Brady Stanton was named MVP for the diving team and state champion for diving.

“It was very much a story of overcoming adversity and overachieving in a very very wonderful way for our team this year,” Coach Jeff Faikish stated.

It was very much a story of overcoming adversity and overachieving in a very very wonderful way for our team this year.

— Jeff Faikish

Many residents within the district made public comments about their concern of the raising taxes that may stem from the renovation of North Penn High School.

All committee reports, Solicitors report, Superintendent report, and finance report were approved.

At the end of March, members of the district’s Traumatic Event Response Team presented ideas about the TERT team. The TERT team has provided mobile mental health support when traumatic events have arisen within the school district. Junior, Carina Laventure later reported on behalf of the new student safety committee.

“It’s one of the many examples where North Penn continues to lead and not follow in Montgomery County and beyond,” School board member, Jonathan Kassa, explained.

Over 40 students from the NMTCC participated in the PA State Skills conference in Hershey. Students in the agriculture and food category as well as the culinary arts team were awarded with the gold medal award. Students in carpentry and protective services were awarded with the silver medal award.

Megan McGee-Heim spoke to the board to answer some questions regarding the Anderson School and how students can qualify for this program as well as what the next steps are.

All committee reports were passed unanimously except for Superintendent’s Report for Robert Nicoletti Family Trust. This report had two rejections from Tina Stoll and Christian Fusco. However, the motion was still carried.

April 26th will mark the beginning of North Penn High School’s production of “Frozen The Musical” where a gold card show will be available for senior citizens to watch and enjoy. The production has 7 viewings over the next two weeks where members of the community can come together and enjoy the performance, all of which are sold out.