Mini-THON, Big cause

For the community. For the students. For the kids: Mini-THON!


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North Penn students dancing and singing at the student run event, Mini-THON.

Everyone knows that Mini-THON is a highly talked about event here at North Penn. Students hear it on the announcements, see the ticket sales at lunch, and it was even just talked about on the morning show, but do people really know what it’s all about?

Mini-THON is one of the most attended events here at North Penn because it has something for everyone. While the point of the event is to celebrate the fundraising that goes to fighting against childhood cancer, most people don’t understand what it does for the North Penn community.

¨Not only do I think it’s a really good cause, of course, all of the money that we get is helping to fight childhood cancer which of course is an amazing thing, but on top of that it also builds community,¨ club adviser Andrew Schmitz expressed.

The event is run completely by students with a little help from the club advisers. The Mini-THON club is a mix between all grade levels and all different types of students. The club meets together all throughout the year to plan, prep and organize this event.

There are different committees in the club each responsible for a different part of the event including a decorating committee, fundraising committee, food committee, etc.

¨The whole event is a student-run event, so they are the ones who are planning things, creating the activities, and reaching out to companies for sponsorships and donations. Not only does it bring together our North Penn high school community through all the students and teachers working for it, but it also includes our local community through businesses and families who are contributing and volunteering. So overall, it is truly a community event,¨ Schmitz stated. 

With all the activities that are accessible at this event, it draws all different kinds of people creating a diverse community. 

¨There is a lot going on. We have every single gym reserved for our event. In one of the gyms, there is gonna be a DJ so you can dance, hang out, and have fun. In another gym, there are going to be games like basketball and volleyball, and this year we are going to have rock climbing. In the aux gym, we are going to have a puppy hour from 4-6 and there will also be arts and crafts,¨ Schmitz explained.

Mini-THON registration will be opening up during lunch periods April 10th-14th. This event is not only important and life-changing for children battling cancer, but it is also building a stronger and better North Penn community.