Free tickets offered to students in Frozen sponsored contest at North Penn


The time is drawing near. The halls around seem to be echoing with kids singing “Let it Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” as North Penn’s Production of Frozen slowly inches closer. What students may not know is that they have a possibility of getting selected for free tickets!

The “Love is an Open Door Contest” is a North Penn sponsored event that corresponds with the theme of the show and North Penn Theatre. Students can submit any interpretation (essay, song, dance, etc.) of the phrase “Love is an Open Door” to a google form and potentially get selected for free tickets to the show. The production of Frozen at the high school is part of a large celebration called “The United States of Frozen.” In this selection, the high school was chosen to represent Pennsylvania as the first school to produce the hit show. One school was chosen for every state, all having the theme of “Love is an Open Door.”

The idea of the contest was made by the Director of the show, Mrs. Andrea Roney. Due to the show’s popularity and eagerness to be produced by other high schools, Roney had to complete an application which she sent to Disney.

“The idea came about when I was doing the application for Frozen and to be the school that gets to produce the show as a representative of Pennsylvania in the United States of Frozen,” Roney said.

In the application, there were many questions that asked about a school’s eligibility, their theatre program, and many other logistical concerns. However, one of the questions she wasn’t expecting was the one that kickstarted the whole contest.

“There was a section that asked how will you share this message, specifically this phrase, with your school district and your community? After really thinking about it, I was sitting at my kitchen table and I’m typing away and I really kept asking how can we get the whole district involved with this opportunity? This contest was our answer,” Roney stated.

Along the way, Roney had her fair-share of help from multiple advisors, including assistant principal Kenneth Bui. Bui has helped with the logistics of the contest, such as creating the google form, helping to set aside the awarded free seats, and other details within the challenge. 

“We are hoping that this contest provides a way to inspire our students and allow art to continue. We understand that the arts can be an outlet for our students to express and use their voice. For many students, the arts may be something they want to pursue as a career, or as a lifelong hobby. Some entries have the potential to receive complimentary tickets to the show; we are also excited to share this year’s show with students, families, and community members,” Bui stated.

As states before, the contest is open to any form of interpretation, whether it be an essay, song, dance, photo, or drawn image. The goal of the contest is to give students a way to express themselves and to encourage them to get involved in the arts in whatever is most comfortable for them.

“We are looking to consider any and all forms of expressions as long as they are school-friendly and tied to the theme. This could be writing, visual arts, music, dance, media, and more. We want to know what “Love is an Open Door” means to you!” Bui said.

The deadline for the contest is Thursday, March 23rd. All submissions can be sent through the google form found below. The dates for North Penn’s Frozen production are Thursday, April 27th through the 30th, and then again on a second weekend with 3 performances on May 6th and 7th. There will also be 2 livestreams of the performances on April 29th and May 6th. Frozen will surely not be a spectacular event at North Penn that you will not want to miss.

Google Form.