Abundance of upcoming ICA events to look out for


Yamuni Kaijumi

ICA members come together for a photo

During the most recent ICA meeting President Yash Prabhu touched upon the activities the club has planned for the future. Some upcoming events include officer elections, Multicultural Celebration, and Spring Garba.

ICA will be participating in the first ever Multicultural Celebration happening at North Penn. This takes place on March 17 from 6 PM to 9 PM and includes diverse performances, food, and a fashion show. All of the information for this event can be found on Google Classroom.

Multicultural Night will take place on March 30 at Montgomery Elementary School. ICA has a 15 minute slot to perform. As of now they are still considering members who might want to perform. If you are interested in performing send an email to Ms. Daywalt at [email protected].

ICA is offering students a volunteering opportunity. North Penn is inviting families of English-Learners to learn more about the resources available to them throughout the North Penn community. Volunteers are needed to help lead activities and games in the cafeteria. This is happening on April 27 from 5 PM to 8 PM in the NPHS Cafe. For questions contact Ms. Michener at [email protected].

The most anticipated part of the ICA meeting included 2023-24 Cabinet Elections. There will be an interview process to select new officers. The positions available include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Event Chairs. There will be a google form posted for sign ups.

Some qualities the current cabinet members are looking for includes leadership, students who bring new ideas for ICA events or are able to improve current events such as Republic Night and Garba, and good attendance which is tracked through the 5 star app.

“You are probably wondering what qualifies you to be an ICA cabinet member for next year. We made a small list of the things we are looking for. The first thing we are looking for is leadership experience. This doesn’t have to be a position in a club. What we want is real examples in your life where you took initiative and you showed that you can take charge of something on your own. That is what we mean by leadership experience,” ICA President Yash Prabhu explained.

The ICA is looking for members to participate in the ICC soccer tournament. ICA is considering buying jerseys for the team and hope to have an equal number of girls and boys playing on the field at the same time.

Lastly, ICA is planning a Spring Garba that will take place at a temple however the exact date and time has not yet been determined but it will take place some time during May.