A night ‘Under the Lanterns’


Junior Prom is right around the corner! Buy your tickets March 13-24!

Junior Prom, arguably one of the first thrilling events for the underclassmen at North Penn, is right around the corner, and some important information has just been released. The Junior Class Cabinet has been working diligently to get the details roughed out, so they were able to share a preview of what’s to come on the magical night of March 25th.

On Saturday, March 25th, the junior class will be buzzing with excitement in preparation for their special night “Under the Lanterns,” as they take part in their first prom opportunity here at North Penn. Less than a month away, this date is approaching quickly, so paying attention to all important dates is crucial to ensure you don’t miss out on this magical night. 

“Ticket sales start the week of March 13-17, and continue through the week of March 20-24. The first week, tickets will be sold at a reduced price, and the week of the 20th will be a slightly higher price,” class cabinet member Subhiksha Aruselvam started.

Though prices are not officially released, it is projected that starting prices will be around $40 to $45 with a small increase the second week of sales.

There was a thorough process for the selection of this year’s theme, and after careful consideration, it was decided that the theme should be “Under the Lanterns,” like the Disney movie, Tangled.

“Throughout our entire week of planning, we had a bunch of themes that we wanted to do. Basically, one day we had a general meeting and we came up and showed everyone all of our theme options, and we had a google form that we voted on for the themes that people wanted,” Aruselvam started.

“Actually, ‘Under the Lanterns’ wasn’t originally one of our choices. We were considering doing other themes instead, and we had our theme picked, and then someone suggested ‘Under the Lanterns’ and we all really liked it so we decided to go with that,” member Kylie Cooke elaborated.

Not only is the vigorous planning focused around the theme selection and decoration plans, but there is food and entertainment that needs to be put into play.

“We’re going to have the same DJ, and for food we have a crepe truck in the works… We did spend a little bit more on making better decorations so people can see the actual theme,” Aruselvam said. “I hope [the attendees] feel that they got what they wanted.” 

All specific information will shortly be released through many platforms, so juniors can soak up as much information as possible.

“We will probably do an announcement on canvas and also post it on all our social media, and have an announcement for Mr. Manero as well,” Cooke explained.

To pile onto the list of Junior Prom festivities, they are introducing a promposal contest, where a lucky couple will get a free pair of prom tickets!

“We are having a promposal contest, and the winners will get two free prom tickets. The dates for that will be from this week, all the way through March 16th…You submit the promposal the same way as the band competition, you just send a video through DM to @np.class.24,” Aruselvam said.


Again, prom is right around the corner, so make sure to get your tickets as soon as they are released, and make the most of the magical night.

“We just hope that it’s a really fun event and that everyone enjoys it,” Aruselvam concluded.