Voices unite at annual Choral Showcase


Michelle Patelmo

We can’t get enough! The Knapp Elementary school students are so excited to perform at NP’s Choral Showcase.

TOWAMENCIN – Young voices filled the auditorium with sweet music during this year’s Choral Showcase.

The Choral Showcase, held on January 19th, is an annual concert that features the North Penn choral ensembles throughout the district. North Penn High School’s  auditioned select choirs (Bards & Troubadors) middle school select ensembles, and even the elementary schools’ groups perform on this special night. Only 7 of the 13 elementary schools come each year to ensure manageable numbers and space, with the students who did not come this year going to the event the year before.

With hundreds of kids at all age levels being involved, a lot of planning goes into the night to make sure everyone has a good time. Mr. Matthew Klenk, the choral director at North Penn High School, plans the showcase with his fellow directors a long time before students get involved. 

“On the inservice before election day, the choral directors throughout the district come together to decide who’s doing what job. We decide who’s going to manage the stage, who designs the program, and who sets up the risers and mics. Finalization happens when we come back from break in the new year. This is certainly made possible by many people. We have so many staff in our vocal department, and I’m thankful that we’ve been able to do this successfully,” Klenk said.

All Together Now! Students from 4th to 12th grade come together to sing ‘The Circle of Life’ from Lion King.
(Michelle Patelmo)

After the logistics are taken care of, the directors prepare to present pieces their choirs will perform. Many chose fun or seasonal songs from the winter, with song titles “Hot Chocolate” and “Winter Bells” never far from the setlist. The schools come together at the end of the night to sing the finale “Circle of Life,” with the older kids backing the roaring elementary schoolers in this show-stopping number. With so many people involved, the night can seem very chaotic, however, the experience is rewarding to everyone involved. Mr. Klenk shares why he chose to make the Choral Showcase an annual tradition at North Penn. 

“One of the most important jobs for a musician is to inspire. We have such an opportunity for those in the upper-grade levels to inspire those that are younger than them. It’s a wonderful night to celebrate the achievements of all grade levels. Many of my high school students say a big factor to stay in music and try out for our select ensembles was the Choral Showcase, it’s very cool that one event can have such an impact,” Klenk articulated.

The Choral Showcase is one of the biggest and most impactful events for the North Penn Music Program. So many kids struggle to keep music in their lives, and this event shows them that you are able to stay in music even in at the secondary level. Watch the showcase here!