Perk up for daily grind at NHS Coffee Stand


Molly Agriss

11/17 Will Bernal pours coffee to help students and staff jump start their day.

Running late and don’t have time to make your morning coffee? Drop your coffee on your way to school? If so, NHS is going to be your new favorite club. National Honors Society is bringing Starbucks to you.

Every day for the month of November, NHS will have a coffee stand across from the breakfast bar. The stand will be running from 6:45-7:15 every day.

11/17 Natalia Dello and Haley Meade serve cream and syrups to students and staff.

“The coffee stand gives NHS the opportunity to give back to our community within NPHS by helping students or teachers get through their days a little easier or by giving them something to look forward to when they come to school each day,” NHS President Haley Meade stated. “The funding from this stand will allow us to give large scholarships to our NHS seniors in the spring to help active members afford the expenses of college or life after high school.”

Both cups of coffee are 16 ounces, warm coffee comes in a grippy cup and ice coffee comes in a plastic cup with a lid and straw.

If the coffee stand is popular, NHS is willing to add new flavors or specials or even hot chocolate.

Here are your coffee options:

$2- Black Hot Coffee

$1- Unlimited Sugar and Syrup

$3- Iced Coffee

$1- Unlimited Sugar and Syrup

Types of Cream- Cream, Non Dairy milk, 2% milk

Types of syrups- French Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel