Board Meeting Report: Board gives proclamations to young heroes in the district

HATFIELD -The Hatfield Township building hosted this week’s School Board meeting as the board continues their initiative of travelling around the school district for each meeting. In this Action meeting students from Pennfield got to reflect on how the inning of their school year went. Two other students from North Penn High School were also highlighted for becoming heroes in their community.

Ryan Huang and Sophia Choi both received proclamations from the Board to recognize their acts of kindness. While the two students were picking up a younger sibling they noticed that a community members’ garage was smoking and caught fire. They notified the homeowners and helped them in contacting emergency services. Both of them helped to prevent anyone beinginjured in this accident.

Two of Pennfield’s students along with their principal, Dr. Sean O’Sullivan, discussed what Pennfield did to help students new to the building. Pennfield’s “WEB” program which stands for “Where Everyone Belongs,” helps to welcome new 7th graders into the building. With 8th and 9th grade role models leading the way, the hope is for new students and returning to create relationships and make the back to school transition even easier. The second program they recognized was the “No Place for Hate” program which celebrates diversity within schools. This started with a pledge by students and the program will be incorporated throughout the year.

Board President, Mrs. Tina Stoll, went over the new changes in the program of studies for the 2023-2024 school year. 7 more courses will be added and two new dual enrollment classes through the University of Pittsburgh and Montgomery county community colleges.

The board voted unanimously in favor of the approval of Mr. Steve Skrocki taking an additional term as Chief Financial Officer. The end of this term is June 2026.

“I’ve always respected Mr. Skrocki and admired his leadership. But now the last four months or so as superintendent I’ve come to really appreciate him and his leadership and guidance and mentorship quite frankly. He is well respected around the state. I think he is the envy of other school districts. I am pleased we will have Mr. Skrocki, assuming the board votes in favor of this motion, til’ at least June 2026,” Superintendent, Dr. Todd Bauer reflected.

Skrocki reviewed the Finance Report for this meeting.

“We are spending less money compared to last year at the time. We are bringing in additional revenue, investment income, earned income tax and really transfer tax in particular are way above last year’s pace,” Skrocki stated.

In both audiences of citizens multiple community members voiced concerns on how students with disabilities are treated, as well as how the district handles these situations when the resources provided don’t fit a child’s needs. Some citizens also expressed concerns about their students’ participation in the “No Place for Hate” program.

All future meeting information and schedules are located on Board Docs.