North Penn to host first ever job fair


An impactful factor in all graduating students’ lives is finding a passion after high school and/or college. This isn’t always a smooth journey, as most students are not exposed to the resources to be successful in this search. In April, however, North Penn students will have the opportunity to attend a Job Fair, which was put together by Mr. Chris Frey and the C.H.I.P program.

Frey recently had the opportunity to attend a job fair held by the Greater Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, where he was highly sought after to receive proposals from many companies, many of which wanted the chance to visit North Penn and interact with students, and advertise what their companies had to offer.

“These companies were actively talking to me about; how do we get in front of graduating seniors to talk to them about career opportunities, and how do we get in front of students for jobs… We could do this, and do it just for North Penn students and essentially get students in front of employers who are looking to hire,” Frey said.

As far as what students should expect to see, an organized, easy to navigate setup will be set up to explore in the navy gym on April 21st from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

“It will look similar to a college fair. We’ll have tables set up, and there will be companies sitting there. A lot of them will maybe have a display of what they do or a sign, and at each table companies will have what they’re looking for,” Frey explained. “We will have a paper with three or four different categories; part time jobs, full time careers, career study or internship sites, and [companies] will have a check on the things they are looking for.”

Students typically aren’t too enthusiastic when thinking about dealing with something as big as their future. Though a job fair is not always an appealing way to spend your free time, attending this could open up some type of opportunity for students to consider, regarding what companies they would like to engage with after graduation.

“Think about it; normally when a student applies for a job they have to go and try to get that one spot. Here, you may get five or six different job offers, which gives you the power. These people are going to recruit you, so it’s kind of a change of mindset in my opinion,” Frey said.

Regarding what students should anticipate at the fair, this event entails things as simple as informational signs and a few conversations.

“The company will have at least one or two representatives there. They might have some papers with information about jobs and what they do, and they might have information that says specifically what jobs they’re hiring,” Frey said.

Actually investing time and making a commitment to attend this job fair may be a big task, but one that could seriously take some weight off your shoulders.

“This is a grown up thing… The good news is that this gives you the opportunity to get face time with an employer from the beginning. Normally you have to go fill out an application, hope that they call you, go back, and get an interview. You’re going to get that on the very first time, so you want to make sure you shine,” Frey explained. “You’re competing for those jobs with everyone else that’s going to be there.”

This job fair coming to North Penn could result in potentially hundreds of students making progress on their journey to a career. You have nothing to lose by venturing out and exploring this fair, so it is in your best interest to take a chance and look into different companies.

“At the very least you are looking at the potential of finding something; a career, a job…This could help every person who leaves North Penn,” Frey concluded.