NP “bands” together for Ukraine with new fundraiser


Franky Walsh

Hand in hand, North Penn is finding ways to support Ukraine throughout this time. One new way is the sophomore class cabinet selling wristbands, and the proceeds will be donated.

As disheartening news about events in Ukraine is constantly being released, the North Penn student body has decided they wanted to do something to show their support. The sophomore class cabinet has decided that one of the best ways for students to show their support is by wearing it.

The sophomore class cabinet is selling blue and yellow tie-dye silicone bracelets with the phrase “NP Strong for Ukraine.” All of the money will be donated to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and each bracelet costs one dollar.

“We saw what was happening in Ukraine, we were all concerned and wanted to do something that would help it. We saw other schools doing some similar stuff, where they sold small things for a dollar so we thought these bracelets would be a good idea,” Sophomore Class Cabinet member Saanvi Patel said.

Since the bracelets are bright, the intent is to catch people’s eye to hopefully spread more awareness and sell more.

“We had a bunch of students come up to us at the ice skating event saying that we should do a fundraiser to show support and that would be involved if we needed them to be,” Sophomore Class Cabinet President Victoria Nyce stated. “We are all trying to get involved to help out to show that as a group, we are untied as North Penn School District instead of little groups that don’t care about what’s going on.”

Starting this week, the sophomore class cabinet will be going around to each Knight Time selling the bracelets, as well as selling them at a table in the cafeteria during all lunches. This sale will continue until the bracelets sell out. All members of the sophomore class cabinet will also have some on hand if you want to buy one in class.

“North Penn is so diverse. There are probably people who are from Ukraine and have family in Ukraine, so we want to support especially those families who really need the help,” Patel emphasized.