Winter Ball postponed to February 17, 2022!


Marissa Leibowitz

Winter Ball 2022 has been postponed to Thursday February 17.

It’s not like Covid-19 has made things bad enough for North Penn high schoolers right? 

In wake of the new variant of Covid-19 and the rising number of student and staff cases across North Penn High School, the junior class cabinet has decided to postpone the Winter Ball to February 17th, 2022. 

“Looking at the district Covid dashboard, and our building specifically, in the first 2 days of the New Year nearly a hundred in-person cases for students and a bunch more for staff, so we are obviously spiking right now with case count and in transmission,” Director of Student Activities Mr. Kyle Berger explained. “Putting 1,200 students in a gym isn’t the most palatable scenario.”

We are obviously spiking right now with case count and in transmission so putting 1,200 students in a gym isn’t the most palatable scenario.

— Mr. Kyle Berger

The Junior Class Cabinet met Wednesday morning and the decision was made to look at dates in February and try and plan something about six weeks from the original date of January 14th, 2022, when hopefully the Covid-19 situation will be more tenable. 

The date was announced by the junior class president Shafy Jalal on Friday morning’s edition of Mornings. 

“We are looking at the Thursday of presidents weekend. It is very similar to how this is planned. February 17th is an early dismissal day. It is on a Thursday, but it’s presidents weekend, so students are off Friday and Monday. Kids would be out at 11:00, back for the dance, and then have a nice long weekend,” Berger explained.

The Class Cabinet had been meeting all week to gather more information to release about the plans for the Winter Ball. 

“It was really a student-led decision, I want to emphasize that, this was not necessarily Mr. Nicholson marching down saying, “no dance” and I think that the cabinet has a good pulse on the school,” Berger said. 

All obligations will still need to be cleared before the dance and forms for outside members will still be honored if turned in. 

North Penn High School has not held a normal school dance since the Winter Ball in 2020. Students should not lose all hope for a dance this year, because the Winter Ball is not canceled but postponed.  Students should stay tuned for more information that will be released leading up to the new Winter Ball date.