May 18th, more important than you think


Knight Crier

North Penn School Board members convene at a mid-December board meeting to induct five newly elected board members (PRE-COVID).

In the state of Michigan, a study found that the turnout rate for school board elections was just 7.8% of registered voters– but a typical turnout of about 65% of voters showed out for presidential elections. This is an issue because voters fail to realize that school board decisions arguably affect them more directly than presidential ones. 

This year especially, taking into account the public outcry (and support) of decisions made by school board members in regards to athletics, opening schools, and/or other areas that their volunteer position constitutes them to be in charge of. This upcoming primary, which is set for May 18th, is your first opportunity to voice your support, or denial, of certain candidates that are running for school board positions. 

The aforementioned elections are very much like the US Senate elections– they are staggered, not all 9 seats are up for re-election. For North Penn specifically, there are 4 seats up for contention. And even though North Penn currently has a 9-0 majority towards the left, I say that because hypothetically, if all incumbents lost, there would still be a 5-4 majority in that same direction. So to many, it might not seem important, but they could not be more wrong.

This election could be the turning point for either side. If 1 (or more)  incumbent loses, that could be the start of an avalanche that tips the board towards the right in future elections. But if all incumbents win, that makes the hill much steeper for challengers because it would mean that through all disparities, the board was able to maintain the districts’ support. 

And the school board is important for many reasons. If you care about property tax, then it’s important; if you care about education, then it’s important; if you care about the direction of a school district, then it’s important; and if you care about the education of your children, then it’s important. 

Although this upcoming primary isn’t the end-all-be-all in the outcome of the school board, it is a good stepping stone to get your voices heard to the ones running for re-election, and to the ones running to change the majority.