Haiku-U Finalists – Voting today! Check link in story

After nearly 400 student entries and staff preliminary voting, here are the 30 Haiku contest finalists.


After a month of poetic expression, and nearly 400 student entries, the first ever Haiku-U contest at North Penn High School is in its final week, with voting set for Thursday. English teacher Mrs. Ellen McKee inspired the beauty of the Haiku amidst this cold and gray month of February, and certainly the warmth of these little poems has done at least a little bit to melt this month’s frozen landscape. 


1.Chick Fil-A fanatic,

A sucker for nugs and fries.

The gift card calls me. ANONYMOUS


2. Footprints in the sand

That once were, are no longer

When waves erase time ANONYMOUS


3. The end to a year

That never truly began

Where did the time go   ANONYMOUS


4. There’s a flower grown

From the cracks of my heart

That calls out your name    ANONYMOUS


5. One normal Thursday

We didn’t return to school

One year past, with masks  ANONYMOUS


6. Waking up, hopeful,

Remember what year it is…

Going back to sleep.      ANONYMOUS


7. Cool air fills the room,

As the sun slowly rises

The blue light awaits.  ANONYMOUS


8. I feel the warm breeze

As sand spills through my fingers

Sun sets above me     ANONYMOUS


9. I knew right away

Get some ice and the crutches

Here we go again   ANONYMOUS


10.  In echo, sweet moor

Where the quiet go to shout

Aureate scumble  ANONYMOUS


11. Music surrounds me

The melodies comfort me

I have found a home  Luke Bitting


12. Muted mics join class

The teacher calls out but it’s

Just circles watching  Emme Blanchard


13. My lunch plunges down

Onto a filthy tile floor

My sandwich is gone Braeden Richey


14.  Just woke up right now  

“Should I submit a haiku?”  

This is low effort  Ryan Choi


15. Someone once asked me 

What my true desire is 

It is Chick-Fil-A   Maya Meaux 


16. Three thousand students

One Pandemic, One High School

In theaters now  Dominic Porreca


17. There’s a devil’s tail

Behind every angel’s wing

Look more carefully  Emily Yun


18.Wawa is my place,

they’re adding burgers soon.
Sheetz is disgusting  Sam Bower


19. Splat! The batter goes

Flooding the floor with goodness

A pancake has died  Abigail Thornton


20.  On a year like this

The sky’s no longer the mark

To whats day and night Giovanni Veneziale


21. Countless glowing screens

Breaths bated till lid is closed

Am I unmuted? Ananya Venkatachalam


22. Rain Drop, drop top, stop

Hop in the whip with a bop

Nonstop, to the top  Franky Walsh


23.  Cold winter morning

Indivisible blanket 

Tight it, back to dream Kevin Yu


24. The world is a stage,

Show it who you really are.

Dance, sing, preach, talk, scream Caitlyn Clay


25. What is mayonnaise

What does this stuff consist of

Someone please send help. Brady Lawrence


26. Id go to the gym

But they don’t serve donuts there

Namaste right here ANONYMOUS


27. Can’t go out outside

Want to default to Netflix

texting and face-time Noshin Sinthi


28. Get out there and vote

Lack of participation

Means no more choices Michael Johannesson 


29. Our time’s limited

A precious commodity

So waste it wisely  Cameron Watabe


30. Social media 

Hiding behind little Screens 

We miss this great world ANONYMOUS