Masked and crowned, Washington and Holt named King and Queen

Keenan Washington and Landry Holt named Homecoming King and Queen for 2020.


Chase Brody

KING AND QUEEN MASKED AND CROWNED: Keenan Washington (L) and Landry Holt (R) named HOCO King and Queen in a private ceremony at NPHS, October 16, 2020.

Royalty knows no limits. 

Despite conditions relating to the pandemic that have all but shut down the North Penn community for 7 months, the tradition of the homecoming ceremony persisted Friday night.  But this time, contenders did not strut down the thirty yard line, but instead from the main lobby in North Penn High School.

In a private ceremony held in the NPHS lobby, while their parents watched live in the Audion, North Penn’s Homecoming Court processed and was crowned, despite the adverse conditions our world and our school have been dealing with. But despite the limitations, this year’s King and Queen have entered into the realm of high school royalty.

“I was pretty nervous at first,” Homecoming King Keenan Washington claimed.  “I thought I had a pretty good shot and was up against good competition, but I didn’t expect to win by any means,” he said.  

I thought I had a pretty good shot and was up against good competition, but I didn’t expect to win by any means.

— Keenan Washington, 2020 Homecoming King

For North Penn’s homecoming queen, humility also seems to be the common theme, 

“I didn’t expect to win, but it happened,”  Homecoming Queen Landry Holt stated. 

An uncommon trait she had apart from the others competing alongside her was that she wasn’t nervous at all.  Holt noted that the rehearsal beforehand was very helpful.  All the while, she says that her friends propped her up to join while she was hesitant.

“Overall, I would say this was a success.” said SGA co-adviser and co-host of the ceremony, Mr. Kyle Berger.  

Berger noted that while this year’s homecoming court did not have as much magic to it, North Penn certainly made the most of the situation.  

Berger also explained  that the original plan was to host the event outside the front entrance of the high school.  However, bad weather forced the event inside, which is the first time he’s seen such a thing in his 9th year of hosting the event.

The Homecoming ceremony taking place in the face of an unopened school could signal good things for the near future, and possibly things even brighter.  And the homecoming ceremony of 2020 has carried on the torch of its name- even in face of the challenges.