Harlem Wizards brings fun and magic to all ages at NPHS

Livewire hangs on to the basket after a dunk.

Magic on and off the court, The Harlem Wizards’ annual visit to North Penn brought a sold out crowd and a memorable night for those who played, watched, and even joined the Wizards v.s. North Penn Dream Team basketball game Saturday night.

“It’s constant two hours of just fun and excitement. It’s a community event that provides them an opportunity for them to come out to see a fairly inexpensive evening with their family and enjoy themselves,” said North Penn Athletic Director, Mr. Bill Bartle.

In their annual matchup against the North Penn Dream Team, the Harlem Wizards showed off all of the tricks, moves, and even tips to youngsters in the crowd in a friendly basketball game.  North Penn is not the only school the Wizards will visit as they tour the country performing for crowds all across the nation.

Brandi Marlin
A-Train shows off his spinning skills.

“It was an amazing crowd tonight. I’ve been doing this show for 20 years and I rank this in my top ten of all time places to play. In my second visit to North Penn, I look forward to the energy from the fans and to get to interact with the people makes it a great time,” exclaimed Wizards point guard and show man, A-Train.

While there may be a scoreboard and a clock running like an average basketball game, the Wizards take “fan interaction” to a whole new level by performing mid game skits, prize giveaways, tic-tac-toe minigames, and dance routines in addition to their talented shooting and hilarious dribble routines they do for and with the audience.

“Tonight was awesome and this is the reason why we come out and play, to make sure the kids have a good time and the Harlem Wizards were amazing and very entertaining. It’s definitely well worth the price of admission and we had a great time on the court,” stated Dream Team player and Gwynedd Square 6th grade teacher, Derek Fickert.

It was a night filled with laughter and non-stop energy on and off the court.  The Harlem Wizards’ trip to North Penn is another success for those who attended and got to even take home signed souvenirs and team photos from the players. To those who may have missed out on tickets and the event, do not fret because Mr. Bartle concluded the night with, “Don’t worry, they will be back next year,”.