Why you should consider an art elective

Look for these unique offerings when you choose your classes for next year.

The showcase in the lobby displaying various types of art work.

TOWAMENCIN – With course selection coming up within the next month, sophomores and juniors need to think about the classes to they want to take for the 2019-2020 school year. For students who have an interest in art, want a class period to leave the stress of schoolwork behind and be creative, or are in need of an extra elective, consider signing up for an art class.

North Penn offers many introductory art courses that teach the foundations of art, so students should not let the fact that they are not “artists” discourage them from signing up for a class. Mr. Jamie Flynn teaches Art 1 and 2, Ceramics 2 and 3, and AP Art History, some of which do not have any prerequisites.

“Mostly in the Art 1 and Art 2 [classes] we do drawing and paintings,” explained Flynn. “We create projects that revolve around elements of arts and principles of design.”

So, for students who have an interest in drawing or painting, consider taking an Art 1 or Design and Illustration class. For those who enjoy bringing out their creative side through the use of technology, be sure to sign up for a class like Digital Photography 1 or Animation 1.

Devan Baldwin
The showcases display the varied art classes taken at NPHS.

Students that want to spend a class period a day appreciating and learning about art should consider choosing AP Art History during the course selection process.

After students complete the introductory level course, they have the opportunity to move up to classes with prerequisites like Art 2, AP Studio Art, Portfolio Prep, Ceramics 2, Animation 2, and Digital Photography 2.

Even though art can simply be a just hobby, it also provides benefits to students that are not typically recognized. Art not only teaches the concepts of drawing, painting, and sculpting, but helps students to improve skills used in everyday life.

Devan Baldwin
Photographs taken and printed by digital photography students.

“Art will benefit students in many ways and in ways that you might not necessarily realize,” stated Flynn.

According to North Penn High School’s art department website, the visual arts help students  develop motor and spatial skills, provide the growth of right and left brain cognition, create meaning, develop keen observation skills, and helps with creative problem solving (just to name a few). Many people also turn to art for its therapeutic benefits by taking art classes or seeing an art therapist.

Not only does art help students improve in important life skills, but art is common in many jobs. Students who are considering a career in architecture, technology, fashion, education, film, culinary arts, interior design, marketing, or photography may want to consider adding an art class to their schedule next year. For a more in depth description of careers in art, visit The Art Career Project’s website.  

North Penn students spend countless hours on their work, which is then displayed around the high school. Take a look in J-pod to see student’s high quality drawings, paintings, ceramics, and photography. In the auditorium lobby, check out the display with a few featured projects. While walking through F-pod, take a look at the mural that Mr. Flynn’s art students had the opportunity to work on.

For those who are still undecided about whether or not to sign up for an art class next year, check out more student artwork at the North Penn School District Art Show on Wednesday May 22nd and Thursday May 23rd, or visit the AP Studio Art Show on Thursday, April 11th for inspiration.

Art electives without prerequisites:

  • Art 1
  • Ceramics 1
  • Sculpture
  • Animation 1
  • AP Art History
  • Digital Photography 1
  • Graphic Design
  • Design & Illustration