Customers flock to Wawa for secret menu


Anissa Gardizy

WAWA- Through May 6th, you can order a specialty birthday cake drink to celebrate Wawa’s 54th birthday.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Wawa…….

That’s right, Wawa is celebrating their 54th birthday with a simple yet satisfying secret menu on their touchscreen order pad.

To access the secret menu, customers must press the goose on the bottom left corner of the screen. Once pressed, the secret menu will dramatically open, revealing a special menu page with offerings not available on the regular menu.

Anissa Gardizy
WAWA- Alyssa Santini, a North Penn senior, trys ordering from the secret menu for the first time.

The special offerings are a birthday cake smoothie and a milkshake, made to celebrate Wawa’s 54th birthday.

“It’s essentially hidden in plain sight as a cool way to order the birthday cake smoothie or milkshake,” said Chris Kuchler, a Customer Service Associate from a local Wawa, “The drink is like a funfetti birthday cake in a cup.”

Through May 6th, Wawa stores will be serving the specialty drink using the secret menu method.

“When a customer orders, it’s a fun ‘haha look who found the menu’ game. It’s honestly just fun,” explained Kuchler, “For now it’s just another fun way to enjoy working for Wawa, and another fun way for customers to enjoy coming to the stores.”

If this is Wawa’s way of celebrating their 54th birthday, we can be sure they won’t disappoint next year for their 55th.