Visit the new AMC 309 Cinema 9

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NORTH WALES- After months of construction, the AMC 309 Cinema 9 has been opened to the public. Located at 1461 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales, the 309 Cinema is a popular spot for students at North Penn.

In May of 2017, AMC 309 announced their plans to remodel, and closed their doors planning to reopen in November. 11 months later, in April 2018, the theater is finally finished and playing movies. As a theater in the AMC chain, the 309 Cinema is not the first to receive a makeover like this. Many theaters by AMC have been redone, creating a uniform and modern look.

AMC 309 is almost unrecognizable from the outside and the inside. The exterior features new signs, color changing lights, and landscaping. On the inside, there is a bar and lounge, and 9 new theaters with plush reclining chairs.

They have also technologically advanced their tickets. Guests are able to purchase their tickets through the AMC app on their phone before they arrive, or select them on a screen at the cinema, rather than talking to a box office worker. An adult ticket costs $10.99.

Just like most movie theaters, the food is expensive. Popcorn is $7.69 for a regular, and $8.69 for a large tub. A drink from the Coca Cola Freestyle machine is $5.69 for a regular, and $6.19 for a large. Along with the classic movie theater snacks, AMC 309 has many new food choices, including: gourmet popcorn flavors (salted caramel, cheddar, spicy cheddar crunch), flatbread pizza, hot dogs (chili cheese, spicy sriracha, mustard and kraut, royal garden), chicken tenders, hamburgers/sliders, coffee, soft pretzel bites, nachos, mozzarella sticks, curly fries, and more.

The new AMC 309 Cinema 9 is showing many of the most popular movies, and is definitely worth a visit.

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