ICA Hosts Annual Garba Celebration

TOWAMENCIN- On Friday, October 13th, North Penn’s Indian Cultural Association (ICA) hosted Garba at North Penn High School. Garba is an event in the Indian culture with dances and rituals surrounding either a statue or picture of the Goddess Shakti. At North Penn, the ICA hosts it to encourage other cultures to try something new.

Although North Penn has been having Garba for a couple years now, this year was extra special because it was dedicated to a student who was a part of the ICA, who passed away over the summer.  

“Tonight’s proceeds are under Dev Joshi, who was a North Penn student who passed away recently. All the proceeds from tonight are donated under his name to a charity that his family chooses,” said ICA President, Meera Boghara.

“It’s incredible to bring all different cultures to Garba. Just seeing everyone smile while having the energy and motivation to try new things is awesome. When everyone gets the dances, seeing that click in their minds just makes me so happy. I think it’s great that everyone is getting together to support one cause. Being happy while supporting the North Penn community and the Indian community within it, is awesome to see. I’d love to see everyone come back again next year,” said Boghara.

Dianne Wakefield, ICA advisor, along with the ICA cabinet helped put Garba together. A lot of work is put into making Garba happen including decorating the gym with lights and Indian cloths. Members of the ICA are helpful in making sure people outside of the Indian culture have the correct clothing and can learn the dances.

“I’ve been the advisor to this club for years. Garba and Republic night are two big events, where the cabinet actually make everything happen. The cabinet members are so dedicated and mature. At Garba they make sure everything they do is so festive and the clothing is so beautiful, along with the dancing. I love the assortment of ages here, from kids that are as young as three to people who are almost eighty-three. It’s a nice family event that everyone seems to really enjoy,” said Wakefield.

During a break between the dances, Boghara and cabinet member, Krisha Patel, informed everyone about the proceeds to former student Dev Joshi. All the families who donated to make Garba happen were recognized, and everyone in attendance was thanked for their participation.

“I’m so proud of everything that happens with this group. Everything they do is for someone else. Being able to do this for someone that was part of this event is heartwarming, but also very sad. They are a great group of kids who appreciate each other and it’s great to be able to see that,” shared Wakefield.