What to do with your extra hour of daylight


Michelle Patelmo

Daylight savings sunset hangs on for a bit on a March 2023 afternoon.

As we begrudgingly adapt to the jump in time, Daylight Savings may seem like a curse of dark mornings and forced productivity. However, the extra hour of sleep presents an opportunity to do more before the end of the day. Here are some things you can do with your extra hour of daylight!


  • Go on a walk
    • This may seem like an obvious answer, but it’s predictable because it’s the easiest activity to add to your routine. When you come home from school or work, lace up your sneakers and enjoy the blossoming nature around you. Spring may seem weeks away, but watching everything grow back to life helps pass the time
  • Sleep in
    • The true blessing of Daylight Savings, less sun in the early morning! If you are cursed with an east-facing window like me, once you wake up in the morning, you stay awake. It will be much easier to go back to sleep without the sun slipping through the window cracks. Waking up late usually means getting less done in the day, but because the sun stays out longer, you have more time to be productive later in the day! 
  • Eat outside!
    • As the weather gets warmer, Lowes becomes a candy store full of adult men looking for grills and firepits. With the extra sunlight, dinner can be enjoyed outside – weather permitting. Start buying charcoal to enjoy summer favorites such as burgers and hotdogs! Even in the cold of March, 60-degree days present the opportunity for families to come together and appreciate the weather. 
  • Shoot some hoops to celebrate March Madness!
    • To send off the bitter cold, colleges send their basketball players to face off against their peers in March Madness. The annual NCAA competition is usually celebrated by completing a bracket as you watch, but with the extra hour of daylight, you too can participate in the festivity of the sport. Grab your favorite college hoodie, some friends, and a ball and you’ll be set for a game!
  • Play in the snow?
    • In the past year, there has been a snow drought in Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, snow has crept its way into the middle of March. While the ground is not cold enough for the snow to stick, enjoy catching snowflakes on your tongue. Don’t forget to catch yourself in the mirror after finding shelter from the cold, fixing your frozen hair is like building a snowman in a heated room. 


What are you waiting for? More sun means there’s more fun to be had. March into spring with these ideas and enjoy the Vitadim D!