The top picks for Halloween 2018

Halloween is approaching very quickly. Picking out the perfect costume can be stressful. If you are having trouble finding one, these are some incredible, affordable ideas for a costume. Here are the top ten trending costumes of 2018.


  • Fortnite Characters

Fortnite is one of the most played games of the year. It has set a trend all across the nation as their release took the world by storm. Most of the gamers plan to dress up as their characters from their battles. Join them as they fight to be #1 this year during the Halloween season.


  • Stranger Things Characters

As soon as this top hit show came out on Netflix, everyone fell in love with all the kids on the show. Eleven and the rest of the gang have become one of the biggest stars in Netflix history. These costumes are easy to put together and inexpensive. Just grab your hats and 80s gear and you’ll be set!


  • Black Panther and His Warriors

This Marvel film became one of the top superhero movies of 2018, which is influencing many people this year for Halloween. Fans are becoming inspired by Black Panther to portray the superhero of Wakanda and his noble warriors. Join them as they protect their people and the world.


  • Star Wars Characters

People of all ages are joining in on the trend by dressing up as the characters from the beloved Star Wars movies. Han Solo and the rest of the gang have been around for years and still thrive as one of the most popular costumes every year. Grab your lightsaber and join the dark side this Halloween!


  • Riverdale Gang

Over the past couple years, Riverdale has becoming one of the most watched shows on television. Viewers all across the nation will be dressing up as the iconic characters from the show. Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica can be portrayed easily, as they are high school students. Becoming one of the South Side Serpents with their leather jackets is also a popular idea as well. Join the gang to solve their mysteries of their town…if you dare.


  • The Incredibles

Honey, WHERE’S MY SUPERSUIT? After making an amazing comeback with The Incredibles 2 movie, everyone is getting geared up as the gang, from Elastigirl to little old Edna Mode. If you loved the movie 14 years ago and still love it now, this is the perfect costume for you. Get ready to use your powers to defeat evil and protect the city on Halloween!


  • Princess

After the fairytale wedding of the year with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, one of the most popular costumes is a simple princess. Sure, all girls dressed up as their favorite princesses when they were younger, but why not continue that trend? Make your dreams come true, whether you want to dress up as your favorite Disney princess or England’s royalty.


  • Rabbit

A simple costume can go a long way. All you need is a pair of bunny ears and a little bushy tail. This is really inexpensive to put together, so you have to go to those fancy Halloween stores and pay a large amount of money. Hop on the bandwagon! (Yes, pun intended.)


  • Pirate

Do you love hunting for gold? If yes, a pirate costume is the one for you. Get your hooks and bootlegs prepared for trick or treating this year. With a bandana tied around your head, along with a t-shirt and a plastic sword. Set sail to the seven seas and find the hidden treasure with this get-up this year.



  • Post Malone

Music sensation Post Malone has hit the top of the charts this year. He became one of the most well-known, successful artists of 2018 with his both of his albums. So, it’s not surprising that much his fanbase had the idea to dress exactly like him for Halloween. As long as you can rock the braids and face tattoos, you’ll be ready to make the fans go wild this year.