Marching Knights back in form in 2018

TOWAMENCIN- After winning the Pennsylvania state championship last year and winning their first two competitions this year, the North Penn Marching Knights are more than ready for another successful season. The band can be seen performing at the crowded Friday night football games and participating in weekend competitions.

Working hard for a busy and successful season is nothing new to band director Mr. Ted Heller.

“Each year we use the same formula, and each year we’ll run into obstacles, and each year there is different obstacles. So the mission this year is how can we defeat these obstacles…Everything is coming together. [We’re] really excited about it. We’ve had a major obstacle this year and it’s been the weather. Marching band is supposed to be outside and we’ve spent too much time working inside,” Heller stated.

However, the unforgiving weather has not slowed down the Marching Knights at all. This Saturday they plan to go to a competition to Boston.

“It is to see a different level of competition in a different part of the country… about half of the kids have never been up there so it’s gonna be a great experience for them. They’re gonna rehearse up there, then we’re gonna do a competition, [and] Sunday we’re gonna do some sight seeing,” Heller explained.

Other than the trip to Boston, the Marching Knights are looking forward to returning to the Pennsylvania championships at the end of October and hopefully taking home first again. After the state championships, the Knights plan to go to the National Championships on November 10th.

Marching Band is a deep commitment for the members and their success would not be possible without the hours of practice they put in. Mr. Heller admires the work ethic of all the band.

“We spend a lot of time on Saturdays here after putting in a full week of rehearsal and [performing] at the football games. On Saturdays typically we’ll rehearse for a five hour slot, dinner break, and then head out to a competition. It’s a twelve hour effort on Saturdays. And then Sundays they gotta catch up on their rest, get healthy, catch up on their work and their sleep. And some people are even crazy enough to have jobs in that whole thing to,” reflected Heller.