North Penn senior Ariana Gardizy runs sub-five-minute mile


Anissa Gardizy

NPHS Senior Ariana Gardizy at a DVGTCA Meet #2 December 26th

TOWAMENCIN- Every year groans echo through the gym hallway as students are required to run the mile as a yearly fitness test. For North Penn senior Ariana Gardizy however, she’s taken running the mile to another level in the form of a track and field school record. Gardizy broke a school record when she ran a 4:59.68 mile at the Ocean Breeze Invitational January 28th.

“It felt really good cause I could see the clock the entire time around the track so coming down the final stretch I could see it go from 4:52 to 4:53. I kinda had a feeling I would [break it] but I was really happy,” expressed Gardizy.

Although she now has a school record in the mile, as she entered the season her initial goal focused on breaking the record for the 3K.

“That wasn’t my first goal going into the season because I knew what our records were for the school so I wanted to break the 3K record but then it just so happened I was put in the mile and then I never really realized what the record was until it happened,” voiced Gardizy.

This isn’t the first time Gardizy has seen her name next to a school record. Last year, the 4×800 meters relay team composed of her, Uchechi Nwogwugwu, Mikaela Vlasic, and Jenna Webb set an indoor state record as well as the school record, both indoor and outdoor.

“The 4×800 last year was a really great memory. I had some really good memories with them, breaking records. Just to do it with other people is really cool,” said Gardizy.

Gardizy has been running in general since the 6th grade and started running track for Penndale Middle School in 7th grade. In 9th grade, she started cross country. Although the reason as to why she began running has rendered elusive over the years, her motivation and passion for running have remained clear.

“I really can’t remember why I started. I think my mom’s boyfriend would run and then we’d do fun 5Ks. And then it just seemed like a fun sport. I didn’t really have another spring sport. I would do basketball and field hockey and then spring came around to do track and it turned into an all-year thing,” she recalled.

For Gardizy, her favorite memories over the past four years of being a runner for North Penn regard the meets where she has been able to spend time with her teammates and friends.

“Cross country’s always good memories because it’s like 20 people so I really like the meets, especially out of state to New York meets because you’re with your friends all day long so that’s really fun. Probably the same with track, going out to Ocean Breeze, New York, or New Jersey meets cause you’re with [your friends] all day,” remarked Gardizy.

As she graduates from North Penn in the spring, Gardizy will continue her athletic and academic career at the University of Pennsylvania as a nursing major. Gardizy’s love for running lies deep in her admiration of the sport, an admiration that has and will continue to take her far in her running career.

“I really like that you get what you put in. And I think it’s a raw sport. There’s no cheating and there’s no way to run short of a distance. You really get what you put in.”