Most anticipated albums of 2023

Tyler, The Creator is projected to release a new album in 2023, two years after his most recent album.

Tyler, The Creator is projected to release a new album in 2023, two years after his most recent album.

2022 brought a multitude of incredible records, and it has left listeners yearning for more in 2023. Here are the most anticipated albums for the upcoming year! Disclaimer: some of these records are not confirmed, just rumored. 

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler Okonma, also known as Tyler, the Creator, is one of the most frequently mentioned names in modern music, and it is for good reason. His past 3 albums, the most recent being Call Me If You Get Lost, have been incredible pieces of work, and have found great commercial success as well. Okonma has released an album every 2 years since the beginning of his career as a solo artist, and since his last release was in 2021, it is getting to be that time! Okonma has confirmed that he is working on music, but the direction he is taking is unknown. Whatever it may be, if his work in the past 6 years is any indicator of the quality of the record, it will likely be one of the year’s best albums.

A$AP Rocky

Rocky has not released an album since Testing in 2018, and fans have been anxiously waiting for him to return to the music scene. His acid rap style had the hip-hop scene in a chokehold for a few years, and his new album will hopefully have the same effect. He has gone on a feature run in 2022 that shows great promise, and he did recently confirm that his album is already complete. A release date is still unconfirmed, but it is assumed that it will come within the first few months of 2023. 

Daniel Caesar

Caesar has been recently teasing new music on multiple social media platforms, and has even showed snippets of new music that sounds absolutely amazing. His last release was CASE STUDY 01 in 2019, and fans of the RnB artist have been patiently waiting for the artist to make more music. There is no confirmed album as of yet, but the evidence of new music is clear. This album, if it does come out, will surely be a highlight in the RnB community, and will establish him as an artist who is here to stay.

Frank Ocean

It seems like there are Frank Ocean rumors every year, but for the first time in a few years, the argument is legitimately plausible. It was recently confirmed that Frank will be headlining Coachella in 2023, making it his first performance since 2017. Many assume he will make new music since performing a 7 year old album seems very dated. Along with this, in 2019, Ocean released 2 singles with strange symbols at the bottom of the covers, which at that time were rumored to be all the different songs that were going to be on his new album. In the past few days, posters from the Blonded website were shipped to customers, and the back of the poster contained a lengthy transcript that contained a ton of information. First, it was confirmed that the theory about the singles was true, and that he was in fact working on an album back then. The essay also confirmed that he was now “interested in a longer body of work.” While this is absolutely no confirmation of anything, this is the most promise Frank Ocean fans have had in many years. His 2016 release, Blonde, still has the music community in a chokehold to this day, so any new music will be groundbreaking. 

Kali Uchis

It has been 3 years since Uchis released Sin Miedo(del Amor y Otros Deminios), and fans have been anticipating her new music ever since. As one of the biggest names in Hispanic American music, Uchis’s next work will establish her as a high-quality artist, and will certainly become a favorite for many people. Uchis recently announced a new single to be released on the 19th, which may be a sign of a longer length work coming up. While nothing is confirmed, fans can hope that she will release an album in 2023. Uchis is confirmed to be performing at festivals, which certainly indicates her return to music.