Ginny and Georgia Review: Does a good plot with a disappointing ending make it worth the watch?

A mother-and-daughter relationship isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. In the Netflix series, Ginny and Georgia, the secrets of the past determine how strong of a bond the Miller family has with a murderer in their own home. 


Warning: spoilers ahead

When a TV series is renewed, it can either go one of two ways. Either the popularity of the show can go down as the content of the show can be repetitive or the popularity of the show can go up as the plot continues to build and develop. 

I was expecting Ginny and Georgia to be dragged out due to the ending of the first season with Ginny, the main character, and her younger brother, Austin, running away from their mother, Georgia, who was revealed to have murdered her previous husband. I did not want the whole season to be about the feud between Georgia and her kids since they had a special relationship that grew throughout the first season. 

It turns out that at the end of the first episode of the second season, the kids are somewhat forced to go back to their home with Georgia instead of staying with Ginny’s dad, Zion. I really appreciated that they didn’t wait so long for Georgia and her kids to reunite because it kept the show moving. I also enjoyed seeing Ginny and her dad creating a close relationship as we only saw him in a few episodes in the previous season. I believe that the fear of staying with their mom was greatly portrayed by the young actors. The viewers could easily tell that acceptance was something that was going to be a struggle for these characters. 

I love the amount of drama there is between the adults and also the drama with Ginny’s life in high school. The Miller family never settled in one place until they got to Wellsbury, Massachusetts. In the first season, I loved watching Ginny fall in love with her friends and her school life until the end of the first season when Ginny’s best friend, Max, found out that Ginny was romantically involved with her twin brother, Marcus. With Ginny returning to school after this dispute, I was interested to see if their friend group, or MANG as they call themselves, would reunite or continue to stay mad at each other. 

There are many different plotlines happening throughout the show and watching each one expand has made the second season very addicting. Whether it was the connection between Cynthia and Joe who barely interacted in the first season or the classic relationship between Ginny and Georgia, I loved watching the characters develop with the plot because it made the series more interesting.

Watching the different parts of Georgia’s background fall into one place has put a lot of context to the pieces of the puzzle that the viewers were unsure about. I loved seeing the unknown backstory of the dark past and connecting those key elements to their lives in the present. 

As I watched season two, I could tell there was a shift in the plot and the acting from the first season to the second season. In fact, the first season got a bad reputation from the public for being too cringy. The directors of the story made changes due to the reaction of the public to make the show more enjoyable. For example, I could not stand Hunter Chen, Ginny’s ex-boyfriend, in the first season because of his dialogue and his actions. They tried way too hard to make him seem like the popular guy in school and made the show very unrealistic. In the second season, they changed his appearance and his role in the show to make him a lot more likable. I gained a lot of respect from Hunter because they shaped him up to be a good guy and only wanted the best for Ginny. 

Not only did they make the characters more relatable but the topics of the show also matured. Many disorders were portrayed in the second season and I think including these real-life situations could help the viewers of the show who may be struggling. 

I was very impressed with the outcome of the show up until the very end. The season ends with Georgia’s wedding day which I believe came way too early. I also did not like how Georgia was committed to marrying the mayor, Paul Randolph, while her other feelings for Joe weren’t completely off the table. I like Paul because he provided the Miller family with love and support throughout the seasons and I would’ve been happy with him being Georgia’s husband. Yet, the possibility of Georgia getting together with Joe made me stuck in the middle because Joe is such a sweet guy with great intentions, and with Georgia’s history with relationships, I think Joe would have treated her right. 

This isn’t the only heartbreak of the show. I watched Ginny and Marcus fall in love and be there for each other when they needed each other most. Marcus then becomes depressed and is forced to end the relationship. I completely understand the reasoning for Marcus to break up with Ginny but his depression feels like it came out of nowhere and it felt like the writers of the series just needed a reason for Marcus and Ginny to break up. Most importantly, they ended as friends but I can’t see them being “just friends” next season. 

The show concluded with their wedding day but was interrupted by the police. Georgia was put under arrest for the murder of Tom Fuller, Cynthia’s husband. Georgia and Cynthia were rivals in the previous season but became friends as the second season progressed. In the ninth episode, we see Georgia and Cynthia having a conversation about how hard it has been for Cynthia since her husband is in a coma. Cynthia opens up to Georgia wishing his time would come so that he could be in peace because she hates the sight of seeing him in an unconscious state. Immediately after this conversation, Cynthia reveals that she did a favor for Georgia by restricting Gil, Georgia’s abusive ex, from going near her in Wellsbury. With this gesture, Georgia wanted to return the favor by putting Tom at peace by killing him. With all of the things from Georgia’s past, I think this is the last thing she should be arrested for, especially on her wedding day. Murder is excruciatingly wrong but Georgia only had good intentions of helping Cynthia. I think Georgia should have gone to jail a long time ago but I think the reasoning for putting Georgia in jail is too forced and should have been arrested for the murder of her previous husband. 

Once again, Georgia is separated from her kids during the season finale. Although there are a lot of loose ends, I wish the ending was different and more original from the previous season. Yet, I was pleased with the result of the last time this conflict occurred so I am hoping for a third season so I can see the way this journey continues.