Album Review: Memories Do Not Open

The Chainsmokers perform at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, in New York. The festival aims to end extreme poverty through the collective actions of Global Citizens by 2030.   (AP Photo/Michael Noble Jr.)


The Chainsmokers perform at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, in New York. The festival aims to end extreme poverty through the collective actions of Global Citizens by 2030. (AP Photo/Michael Noble Jr.)

Memories are the events that you remember for the rest of your life such as a wedding, school events, graduation, and many other memories that you might have. Memories open up the mistakes that we made in the past and present so that we don’t repeat them in the future. Memories allow us to reminisce what we have done over the years of our life.

Memories open up that way for everyone, unless they are The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers released an album called Memories Do Not Open on April 7, 2017 which in my opinion, is one of the best albums I’ve listened to. It has a mix of different genres of pop such as alternative pop, dance, and electropop. Another reason why I believe that Memories Do Not Open is a great album is because The Chainsmokers have shown fans that they have matured in their music.

Memories Do Not Open opens up with two beautiful songs that have been hits on radio stations everywhere. Those two songs are “Something Just Like This” featuring the band Coldplay and “Paris” which is sung by Drew Taggart. 

“Something Just Like This” is the opening song on the album despite it not being sung by Taggart. I love the song “Something Just Like This” because it’s not the typical pop song and Chris Martin (Coldplay frontman) is not just singing about old love. The song is about a girl who wants a guy that she can kiss, cuddle, miss and be in love with. A lot of girls like me can relate to this because this is what most girls would love to do with their boyfriends or their future husbands.

“Paris” is sung by Taggart, featuring Emily Warren. “Paris” is a great song in my opinion because it shows the mistakes that young people do when they are in love. For example in the first verse of the song Taggart sings “ We are going to Paris to get away from your parents.” “Paris’’ is a metaphor that shows how people want to escape reality by going to the most romantic place on earth. 

Speaking of young love, there is a song called “Young.” “Young” is about how young people don’t realize that being in a relationship hard work. Young people don’t realize that being in a relationship takes a lot of commitment, communication, and compromising with each other. “Young” is also a song about how young people are so quick to be in a relationship, but like I said before, it takes a lot of effort and time which many of the younger generation don’t understand.

Another awesome song on the album is “Honest.” “Honest” is a song about how a guy has feelings for a girl, but he keeps them to himself instead of telling the girl how he really feels about her. “Honest” is also a song about how the guy thinks about the girl every night when he is drunk, but she is not the only one on his mind. I love this song because I relate to the guy- having feelings for someone but being afraid to tell him.

After the song “Honest” is the song “Break Up Every Night.” “Break Up Every Night” is an upbeat song about how a guy is stuck on a girl, but the girl is crazy. There are two reasons why I love this song. One reason is that “Break Up Every Night” is a fun and upbeat song and the other reason is that it is about the ups and downs in a relationship.

The last five songs of the album are “Bloodstream,” “The One,” “Don’t Say,” “It Won’t Kill Ya,” and “Last Day Alive.”

Bloodstream is an unusual song.While most of the songs on the album are about other people and talking about feelings, Bloodstream is a song of accepting oneself. In an online source called DJ Mag, The Chainsmokers said “We wrote this song at 4 am in London after one of our shows at Brixton. Bloodstream is about the acceptance of who we are from ourselves”. From this quote we can tell that the Chainsmokers aren’t all about party music. They are moving onto different things. 

The next song is “The One.” “The One” is about the struggles of  being on a tour. When the Chainsmokers missed a wedding of a friend, they had to face the guilt of missing such a milestone. In the same magazine when they talked about “Bloodstream,” the Chainsmokers said “being on the road all the time makes it difficult to keep close relationships with a lot of people who have been a significant part of our lives. The strain of these relationships inspired the story of this song.”

“Don’t Say” is about a girl and a guy in a relationship and the girl thinks that the guy needs to stop blaming life for mistakes he makes in the relationship. “Don’t Say” is also saying that we as humans need to stop using the excuse that we are humans and we make mistakes. Although that is true, it’s not a valid excuse why we make mistakes in our life.

The second to last song in Memories Do Not Open is the song “It Won’t Kill Ya” which is about having a night out. The song is also about enjoying a moment at that exact time. In the song, the narrator is enjoying a night out with a couple of people that he or she loves. The song is a great song because it has a lighter message: to live for the moment. 

The last song on the album is the song “Last Day Alive.” It features the band Florida Georgia Line and it talks about fans having fun at a concert and living for the moment. The song “Last Day Alive” is also about a feeling of inspiration when fans see the Chainsmokers performing on the stage .

My favorite songs on Memories Do Not Open are “Young,” “Break up Every Night,” and “Honest,” because I can personally relate to them because as a young person,  I like to have fun and I have had crushes so I can relate to the Chainsmokers music because they relate to my love life.

I believe that The Chainsmokers will be one of the greatest musicians in our generation because they talk about the young generation.