NBC’s Whitney Void of Wit

NBC's Whitney Void of Wit

Image courtesy of www.poptower.com

Ray Gerhart, Staff Writer

If you are looking for more entertainment on NBC after The Office you are better off going to sleep than watching Whitney.

            This romantic-comedy centers around Whitney Cummings who has been dating Alex, played by Chris D’Elia, for three years. In the pilot episode the jokes are less than stellar, and the romance seems like every other romantic comedy. Without any substantial humor and no real original romance, this is just another show with no draw that seems to have been done many times before.


“Whitney’s” formula is a very familiar one. Conflict, followed by girls talking about how hard it is to date men, men complaining about girls, and all is settled in the perfect thirty minute time frame. Chris D’Elia delivers the few high points of the show and is one of the only reasons I watched the full episode. He seems to play his character well and has what it takes to perform in a sitcom.


            Whitney Cummings, whose background is in stand-up comedy, seems to not know how perform with others in a sitcom. She would tell her joke and want the laugh like any stand up comic, but gave the other characters very little to work with.

            Overall you should find something else to do on Thursday nights, because spending time with Whitney is a waste of yours. If you do want to stick it out though Whitney airs Thursdays at 9:30 on NBC.