Cordell Lord continuing his success at Immaculata


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Cordell Lord, now a junior at Immaculata University, continues to make a name for himself as a student-athlete.

While leading the team on the floor as point guard, North Penn graduate of 2015 Cordell Lord, also led the Knights in assists from his sophomore to senior year. He holds the record for most assists in a season and in his career at North Penn. In 2015, Lord led the Knights’ basketball team to victory as conference champions. He made a name for himself at North Penn, being the main scorer on the team both his junior and senior year. From a young age to high school, he has had great success with basketball and was able to continue his career at Immaculata University.

“When I was 4 years old my dad handed me a basketball, and I haven’t stopped playing since. I have just grown such a deep love and passion for the game, and I truly don’t know where I would be in my life without it. This is year 16 of playing and it has been such an amazing ride so far. I couldn’t be more blessed or thankful for the opportunities I have got, the people I have met, the coaches I have had, and, more importantly, the teammates that I have built a bond with and can call my brothers,” said Lord.

Over the 16 years he’s played basketball, Lord feels college has helped him grasp a better understanding of the game. Now in his third year at the collegiate level, he realizes basketball is more than just your ability to dribble and shoot.

“I think the one thing I learned is that this game is truly more mental than it is physical. The season is long and there are a lot of practices and games. You have to come in mentally focused whether it is film sessions, workouts, practices, or games. I think as I have matured over the years the mental aspect has really helped me as a player and a teammate,” shared Lord.

Favorite part about college:

“My favorite part about college is definitely the connections I have made with people. The people I consider as my best friends are people that I have created memories with and the people I will talk to for the rest of my life,” said Lord.

What did you miss most about North Penn:

“Honestly, I miss all of my high school friends, the size of the school, my teachers and playing basketball there. When we were in season, I lived at the school practically and I loved every minute of being there, especially my senior year. I miss my teammates. I miss high school a lot, and would do it all over again if I ever got the chance to,” shared Lord.

Advice for High Schoolers:

“My advice is to definitely enjoy the time that they are in. It’s all about being in the moment and to honestly prepare themselves the correct way because mentally, college can be incredibly difficult at times depending on the major especially. If you’re a student-athlete, build good habits on and off the court because you truly have to be a master at using your time correctly. It can creep up on you and you will have a lot of late nights, so just be mentally prepared just as much as physically prepared. Also, remember that all of this is just a process into making yourself a better person, so enjoy it, take the challenges, attack it head on, and have fun with it,” shared Lord.