Turf not corny enough for new NPHS Agri-Culture


TOWAMENCIN – Only 1.3 percent of jobs in the United States are in the agricultural field. One in every twelve jobs in the United States is influenced by agriculture in some way. North Penn High School has decided to add multiple agriculture classes after the realization that agriculture is something the new generation needs to learn so future generations can thrive.

Farming will take place in two locations on campus: the big grassy hill behind the softball field will house the new mountainside tree and crop program. And yes… bye bye Crawford Stadium. It just happens to be the most fertile land in all the district. 

Inclusivity has always been important to North Penn. That’s why over $20 million dollars has been budgeted to grow the agriculture program. That money will be spent on the agriculture center, farming equipment, animals and the uprooting of Crawford Stadium.

Although Crawford Stadium was just finished this past June, starting June 2022 it will be removed for farming space. Barns will be put where the stands were, and silos will be placed where the goal posts were. Quite frankly, nothing grows on artificial turf, so that experiment is over. 

Along with the classes offered, students enrolled in the ag center may participate in the new FFA chapter. 

Students have to be accepted into the center. If accepted, you’ll have two periods back to back in the ag center during the day. Classes in the ag center will count as science credits or elective credits. 

North Penn wants to take a stand and inspire the youth by creating this new Agri-Culture. 

Any further questions about the new agriculture center can be forwarded to [email protected]