NPHS to implement new system to clear jammed hallways


North Penn has finally found a cure to the incessant lateness of students to classes. The School Board has just announced plans to install moving walkways in the hallway this summer. Instead of extending the time between classes, the Board has decided that the best plan is to spend $5 million on a system previously only found in airports.

The moving walkway will be perfectly timed to allow students to get to class on time, as long as they step on one within 30 seconds of the bell ringing. Additionally, there will be two tracks in each hallway, one going in each direction.

Students and staff alike are elated that it will no longer be a struggle to get from B-Pod to K-Pod within 4 minutes.

“I am confident that this will cause all my students to be on time, and that the system will never malfunction,” beamed Mrs. Carrie Dixon, whose 3rd flood K-Pod location often means losing a couple minutes at the beginning of each class.

“It is just so practical! I can’t believe no other school has done it yet,”  sophomore Hunter Mckee exclaimed.

The installation of the moving walkways is part of a larger plan to install escalators in the high school during summer 2023. The goal is to revolutionize the high school hallway system and encourage other school districts to follow suit. SGA is already discussing plans for a childrens’ electric racecar competition during the 2022-2023 school year to celebrate the opening of the moving walkways. North Penn truly is riding into the future…at 1.4 miles per hour.