High gas prices lead to new bus fare for NP students


LANSDALE – After events of the past few months, gas prices have hit like a bus. Due to the major increases, North Penn School District has made the decision to have students pay in order to ride the bus, to contribute to the cost of fuel.

Starting Monday, April 1st, 2022, North Penn is presenting incentives in order to push students to pay for their transportation provided by the district- after all, more kids on the bus with a dollar means less of a reason to holler. The district has come up with other incentives for students to help out financially and also get some bonuses.

The first option is Fast Pass. For an extra ten bucks per month, the Fast Past option gives students the opportunity to pay extra in order for their stop, to be the first stop. From personal experience of being the last stop for years, this option is a lifesaver from boring bus rides. If you are already paying to take the bus, it makes more sense to up your regular ride to a fast pass home. Because this is option is predicted to be a popular one, limited fast passes will be sold, and stop orders will depend on the order of purchase.

The next option is First Class. As everyone knows, the prime seats are in the back of the bus and with this new option, you can reserve those seats. Along with choosing your own seat, the last 5 rows include heated seats at your control throughout the colder months. As well as the first option, the first-class seating is limited. But what a deal for an extra $6.75 per month.

While some people only take the bus on certain days, some people take the bus to and from school every day. This next incentive is Frequent Rider Miles. It mainly focuses on the students who take the bus every day and gives them the benefit of getting served light snacks and drinks by the ride attendants after riding for a certain amount of miles.

The last option is a greener, more eco-friendly option. This option is giving students a financial incentive to bike to school. Not only does this help both the students and district with the financial issues with gas prices, but it also encourages students to find a healthier and more fit alternative than being driven. More commitments to biking to school mean fewer buses will need to run, but all drivers will be reassigned to the new “Future Of Overland Life” business office.