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Christian Fusco-North Penn Neighbors for Progress

If re-elected what are your biggest priorities post-pandemic?

My priorities for a second term on the board are to continue to make our schools more inclusive for all,
make strategic investments to address the districts aging infrastructure, implement programs that
provide opportunities for students to be prepared for the transition from high school to college and the
working world and to support the academic and mental health needs of our students.


What are the biggest things you’ve learned?

No matter what decision is made, there will always be an opposing view. It is important to dialogue with those who agree and those who do not because I represent everyone in the North Penn community, regardless of where we stand on the issues.


Is there anything you wish you had done differently over the past year?

I am very proud of how North Penn has handled reopening schools during the Pandemic. We committed to maintaining the CDC’s 6 foot spacing guidelines, we led the way in implementing assurance testing, we found a way to allow our support staff to maintain their health benefits even when we had to reduce their hours and we invested in technology to make virtual and hybrid learning as effective as possible. If I could change anything, I would change the way we communicated with our special needs families early in the year. Although we had a lot of discussion about our exceptional learners and how to meet their needs, it was not translated well to the public and a number of families
felt they were not being heard.


What is your proudest accomplishment from your time on the board?

When I ran in 2017 I promised the community that I would vote for a full day Kindergarten program and
within a year of the election, we were celebrating the start of the program.


In other years, SB elections my not have had a direct impact on the day to day lives of all students and
families. Now, with the ongoing re-opening process, that is not the case. In those terms, does this
election feel especially important?

First, I believe every election has a direct impact on the day to day lives of the students and families, however, it is not always as evident as it has been this year. This election has added importance because those of us who are currently serving and up for reelection took a deliberate, science based approach to reopening schools and we committed to observing best practices as it relates to Covid-19 precautions including maintaining six feet separation between students, implementing a mask policy to ensure clarity about expectations and implementation of assurance testing for staff and students participating in sports and extra-curricular activities. There is a lot of uncertainty about what our
challengers would do regarding these precautions and whether or not they will maintain many of these
practices moving into the next school year.

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