The best commercials from Super Bowl LV

Even if you’re not a big fan of football, there’s a chance you still tuned in to watch Super Bowl LV. The commercials during the Super Bowl keep people entertained during breaks in the game and are a source of conversation for days. 

The cost of a commercial for the Super Bowl increases almost every year. The recorded cost in 2016 for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl was $4.5 million. Considering last year’s Super Bowl was the eleventh highest rated program of all time, it’s no shock that a commercial for Super Bowl LV costs about $5.5 million for 30-seconds of air time.

Here are my three favorite Super Bowl LV commercials!

DoorDash commercial

The first one I chose for my list was the DoorDash commercial. I liked this commercial because it was family friendly with the Sesame Street characters walking all throughout the neighborhood. The singing in the commercial gave off a good vibe. 


Doritos 3D commercial

Next, I chose the Doritos commercial. I enjoyed the commercial because it was dumb funny. Sometimes you just need that little bit of humor in your day and that commercial did just that. Matthew McConaughey starts out being flat, thinner than a piece of paper. He slides into the vending machine to steal some 3D Doritos. He makes the mistake of eating them while he’s still inside the vending machine and gets squished against the glass when he ate the Doritos.

My final choice is the commercial from It was really funny to me because they showed how finding a good mortgage can be just like finding love on tinder. 

The commercials are what make the Super Bowl a show for everyone to watch. Which commercial was your favorite this year?