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Jessica Seo is off to La Salle University to become a fashion designer.

Senior Spotlight: Jessica Seo

Future Plans:

“My future plan is to attend La Salle University as a business major. I want to study fashion as my minor because I’ve always wanted to become a fashion designer when I was little. I want to incorporate both business and fashion by creating a fashion company. I want to design streetwear to workout clothes and more.”

Favorite NPHS memory

“My favorite memory at NPHS is meeting my exchange friends that are now my closest friends. They taught me so much about their culture and language. Shoutout to Gaia & Carlota because they are amazing.”

Favorite Classes:

“My favorite classes are my business classes because no matter what, business is always a part of something. My business classes were always relaxing and I always looked forward to it.”

Favorite Teacher:

“My favorite teacher is Sensei Coyle because she spends tons of time on her classes to make it fun and her after school clubs were full of fun times.”

Advice to incoming sophomores:

“My advice to incoming sophomores is to always find time to have a little fun. You don’t always have to be studying constantly. Make sure to go to school events because you only get to be in high school one time in your life.”

To the Class of 2021 I leave…

“The swim classes.”

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