Curriculum change to include Contemporary Slang Vocabulary


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Contemporary Slang edition is predicted to be very popular among students.

TOWAMENCIN- NPHS is making a major change to all English classes that many students will appreciate greatly. The Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop books that have been a vital part of the English class curriculum will be replaced with skills more valuable to modern-day students. 

The North Penn English Department decided to modify the vocabulary taught to students due to a lack of enthusiasm for words that students believe they will rarely use. Students will now be taught vocabulary from Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Contemporary Slang edition, which will aid them in future events like job interviews. 

“The words in the prior vocabulary books made students sound more educated and eloquent, skills that students don’t necessarily need in the future. I realize now that the contemporary slang edition is the way to go. I am excited to see the beneficial results all students will gain from this modification to the curriculum,” said Mr. Lucas Henry, head of the English Department. 

Words like these will be included in the contemporary slang edition.

Almost every high school student has a cell phone and has experienced that awkward situation of receiving a text message with odd, unknown slang. Now students will not have to search on the internet for the meaning. They will simply already know from their school curriculum. 

“Teachers will also benefit from this change as well. They will be learning slang alongside their students. This I believe will help build a stronger connection between student and teacher,” added Henry. 

Every teacher wants to be perceived as cool to their students. Or as those young Gen Z kids say: That English teacher has clout and all the best memes. No cap. 

This change to the English curriculum is expected to have many benefits across the board. Students will not have to complete vocabulary exercises that would never help them with irrelevant tasks like critical papers or essays. 

Exercises like “name that rap song” and “ finish the rap lyric” will replace the synonym and antonym section. These exercises will help students use slang words in context. 

“Our top priority is to teach students skills that will benefit them in all aspects of society, whether it’s in the streets or the hallways of North Penn. The students of North Penn will be prepared for any situation they encounter,” said Henry. 

Gone for good will be words like sangfroid, peregrination, vituperative, and any other maelstrom of ostentatious erudition over which one might muse.  Contemporary slang vocabulary will be implemented as soon as possible so seniors will be able to use their slang knowledge as they enter the streets of adulthood. Oh, and it will be lit.