Ways to fight against allergy season


Abigail Puketza

Tip for seasonal allergies: carry lots of tissues with you wherever you go!

With the coming of warm weather, that yellow dust on everyone’s cars comes too. Everytime spring rolls around, the amount of sniffles increases in the classrooms by tenfold. Take it from someone who has extremely bad seasonal allergies; the small things can help or hurt your nose. Here are some tips that will help your allergies be a little more bearable.

Use a nasal spray like Flonase.

Flonase works wonders on allergies. Sometimes Claritin just doesn’t cut it, and for those of us who have more intense allergies, Flonase does the trick.

Close your windows at night.

This seems like a weird hack, but it will help so much. Closing your windows at night will stop any pollen from blowing into your room while you are sleeping and causing your allergies to flare up right as you wake up. Your sleep will be more peaceful and your bed will stay clean from the evil yellow-green powder.

Wash your hair everyday before bed.

Some people already do this. However, a lot of people, especially girls, do not wash their hair everyday. Your hair can be a huge pollen-trap, and especially when you sleep can cause your allergies to be more inflamed. Simply washing it before you go to bed can help keep your allergies at bay.

Carry tissues around with you.

The worst thing imaginable is when you get the sudden urge to sneeze, look around, and no tissue box is to be found. Or even worse, having to use paper towels to blow your nose. To avoid those horrible fates, carry around a small pack of travel tissues in your backpack. Now, no matter where you are, you can blow your nose in a soft Kleenex instead of a rough paper towel.

Take advantage of the rain.

The rain is nature’s version of a shower; it washes away all of the pollen and helps to cleanse the air. If you are avoiding leaving your house to do errands, do them during or after a rainstorm because then the pollen will be mostly washed away and you can assure your allergies will not be as bad as if you went out on a sunny day.

Use a cold washcloth over your eyes

Rubbing your eyes when you have allergies is one of the worst things you can do, but of course it happens to the best of us. If your eyes are itchy, red, and swollen, lay down on your bed or on your couch and lay a cold, wet washcloth over your eyes. The cold will help the swelling go down and stop you from itching your eyes any more. Plus it just feels good and stops the itchiness.