10 fun ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year

No boyfriend? No problem! KC staff writer Abigail Puketza shares 10 fun ways to celebrate with your friends this Galentine's Day.


Abigail Puketza

If you're not in a relationship (or even if you are), take time this year to celebrate Galentine's Day with your best friends to show how much you appreciate them.

Galentine’s day is a holiday derived from the hit TV show Parks and Recreation. In this show, every year on February 13th, Leslie gathers her best girlfriends together and goes out to lunch to celebrate being strong, independent ladies. Since the airing of this show, plenty of friend groups everywhere have joined in on the celebration of Galentine’s day.

No matter if you celebrate it on the 13th or not, this Valentine’s day season you should take some time to show your friends how much you appreciate them. Here are some basic ideas of what you could do together, but honestly just laying around doing nothing can be just as fun as planning something elaborate out. Just enjoy each other’s company, and be “ladies celebrating ladies” as Leslie said.

1. Dress up and have a fancy dinner together.

It is always so much fun to dress up and head out to a nice restaurant together. Your friends can go to the Melting Pot, the Cheesecake Factory, or a nice steakhouse to treat yourselves. Yes, these places are expensive, but a little indulgence is acceptable on Galentine’s day.

2. Have a spa night

Break out the fluffy robes, slippers, cute pajamas, facemasks, lip scrubs, nail polish, and essential oils to have a night of total relaxation with your best friends. Nothing is better than laying back and taking a break from your stressful lives. Treat yourselves to a spa night, you deserve it.

3. Have a movie night

Get a group together to have a home movie night! Pop some popcorn, buy a bunch of candy and sodas, and rent a movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix. Just snuggle together with blankets and watch a cheesy romantic comedy like Mean Girls, Clueless, Love Actually, 50 First Dates, The Proposal, 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde, and many more.

4. Roadtrip

A great way to bond with your friends is to take a day trip together. Pile in the car together with a playlist full of bops and some candy and drive to Philly or New York for the day or weekend. There are so many fun things to do in both these cities, the possibilities are endless.

5. Shopping

This is a given, but going to the outlets or the mall with your friend group is a great way to spend Galentine’s day. Spoil yourselves and buy that pair of shoes you have really wanted. It is a great time to hype up your best friends and to splurge a little (even if you spend all your money in the food court).

6. Pancake Breakfast

Grab some friends and head over to a diner in your pajamas or sweatpants to enjoy some tasty breakfast foods together. Even if you decide to stay in and make your own breakfast, it is always fun to lay back on a Saturday morning with a cup of hot coffee and watch a movie or just talk.

7. Have a photoshoot

If one of your friends owns a fancy camera, you guys can head to a nice location and snap some cute pictures together. The weather has been pretty nice recently, so if it is not too cold this is a great way to spend Galentine’s day. Throw on your cutest outfits and flex a little for your VSCO and Instagram followers.

8. Gift exchange

On Valentine’s day, every couple gives cute gifts like teddy bears and rings with hearts on them to each other, but why do you need a boyfriend to receive cute chocolates or flowers? Just have a gift exchange with your best friends! It is a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your friends and to get a little spoiled.

9. Bake together

Even if you are not the next Gordon Ramsay, baking some box brownies or cookies can be an easy, guilt-free way to binge-eat comfort food that I guarantee will help you feel better about not having a boyfriend this Valentine’s day.

10. Paint Canvases

This one is an out-of-the-box way of spending time together by being creative and not just staring at a screen. Even if you are bad at painting, you can find something funny to paint or you can try to follow a Bob Ross video (which I guarantee will not turn out how you want it to).