Add these NP abbreviations to your texting dictionary


Marissa Werner

These NPHS texting terms will help you save time!

Do you ever need to send that quick text to your friend before class starts but what you want to say is too long? The excessive use of OMG and LOL just don’t cut it anymore for what you are trying to say. These new North Penn abbreviations will help you send that last text before the bell rings.

  1. EPC – E Pod clog

  2. TGITMS – Thank God it’s the morning show

  3. WTTS – Welcome to the swamp

  4. ICFAT – Its Chick Fil A Thursday

  5. THD – Three hour delay

  6. WHDC – Wet hair don’t care

  7. WATD – Where are the dudes?

  8. BBTM – Bring back the map

  9. TYSN – Thank you Sparknotes

  10. BTB – Beat the buses

  11. FOTW – Flavor of the week

  12. ILTKC – I love the Knight Crier

  13. WTGT – What’s the game theme?

  14. NPFTW – North Penn for the win

  15. WIIP? – Where is I-pod?

  16. WML – Where’s my locker?

  17. IFMLB – I found my light bulb

  18. GFANPFD – Good for another North Penn FIRST DOWN

  19. TGIGD – Thank God it’s groutfit day

  20. FMINE – Four minutes is not enough