The Future is Female: International Women’s Month


International Women's Day website

Challenge gender stereotypes and gender bias by learning about other people's opinions all through the month of March: international women's month.

March 8th was International Women’s Day and the entire month of March is celebrating it. Women all over the world are coming together to challenge gender bias and stereotypes. The hashtag “Press for Progress” has gone viral, imploring people to speak up about important issues going on relating to gender equality.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the women’s movement has been stronger than ever before. People of all genders are protesting, wanting to make their voices and opinions heard. The website is also encouraging people to answer this question: “How did you champion International Women’s Day 2018 in a meaningful way that inspired others to #PressforProgress and help forge gender parity?”

The leaders of the movement are also giving out awards and recognition to the people who show their pride online. The categories include:

  • Private Sector: Impact and Innovation
  • Public Sector: Leadership and Progress
  • Charity Sector: Awareness Raising
  • Education Sector: Knowledge and Impact
  • Community Services: Local Engagement
  • Sporting Sector: Social Leadership
  • Associations/Networks: Member Participation
  • Marketing/Design Agencies: IWD Campaign Work
  • Best IWD Grassroots Impact
  • ​Best IWD #PressforProgress Videos​
  • Best IWD #PressforProgress media activity
  • Best IWD #PressforProgress photographs
  • Best IWD Event Pack use
  • Best IWD Cakes

Looking for another activity to do? has “selfie cards”. To get noticed, the site suggests the following: “Get a group together. Everyone puts their hand out (i.e. pressing) to show that you are committing to ‘pressing for progress’ and that you will challenge the status quo and press for positive change for women. One [member] of the group also holds the Selfie Card. Someone else takes a picture. Post on social media.”

The goal of this month is to spread awareness about women’s rights and celebrate standing together for a greater cause. Show some of North Penn’s pride by tweeting your selfie card with the hashtag #PressForProgress!