Cons of Winter

Anissa Gardizy, Staff Writer

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Cold Weather

As temperatures drop, there are several inconveniences that come along with it. Scraping frost off of your car, bringing an extra jacket to school, shoveling snow, and frostbite are just a few of the many negative aspects of low temperatures.

Losing your Tan

Did you spend your summer diligently working on your tan? Well, thanks to the winter season, it is no longer possible to get or maintain a tan, healthy, glowing complexion.


Don’t get me wrong; a fresh coating of snow is truly a beautiful and tranquil sight. However, the pure white wonderland is almost immediately turned into a muddy and snowy slush that is most definitely not beautiful or tranquil. The brown, and sometimes yellow, substance is definitely an eye sore that is common the winter season.

Christmas Music

Like almost everything in life, everything in moderation is good; an excess amount of something is never good. One can only “fa la la la la” so many times before it gets old and utterly annoying.


During winter, with many major holidays that encourage gift giving, it is difficult to manage your finances. While you may want to buy your friends and loved ones the most extravagant presents, you must either settle for something less expensive or expect to be broke all Winter.