A small CHIP of Khushi Patel’s experience


After successfully completing the CHIP program, Khushi Patel discusses the program.

Khushi Patel who is currently a Senior at North Penn decided to enroll in the CHIP program during her Junior year of high school to gain experience in a field she believes would be beneficial for her future career. She successfully completed the CHIP program this year.

CHIP was an internship program implemented by Mr. Frey last year to help students gain new skills and to see if a particular career path is meant for them.   

“My overall experience was great because Mr. Frey was very helpful throughout the whole process. He gave a lot of resources and opportunities which made the experience overall great,” Patel said. 

Patel recommends this internship to other students especially if they are not sure about pursuing a certain field. Students are able to get a “hands-on” experience through this internship and learn more about what they like and don’t like. 

“Working with someone who has been in the field allows them to give you so much advice and opportunities that others can not provide you with,” Patel added.


Khushi Patel did her internship at the North Wales Area Library. During this time she learned that working with kids is way harder than she thought it would be. Through this experience she realized that a career with kids is not for her. 

“My future career is related to Business and Computer Science. This internship definitely helped me because I had to look through the library catalogs and organize books. I also learned how to make connections with others and have better communication skills which are both very important,” Patel explained.

During her junior year she sat down with her counselor and added CHIP to her schedule. At the end of junior year she scheduled a meeting with Mr.Frey and collected all the necessary paperwork for the internship.  

“First I had to find a place to do the internship. I attended the fair last year to learn more about internship opportunities out there,” Patel said. 

After earning the required hours for the internship Patel had to create her first resume and do a mock interview with Mr. Frey during her Senior year. 

“He was trying to show how interviews work outside of high school when you are potentially looking for a job. He talked me through some of the questions. Overall, it was really informative. He talked about what type of questions to expect for interviews and how we could potentially prepare,” Patel concluded. 

This year over 100 students were involved with the program. Overall, CHIP has been very successful with helping North Penn students earn internship positions in this community.