The Wright time to call it a career

While it takes some people many years and multiple tries to find their career, this treasured North Penn teacher was lucky enough to jump right into her teaching career and spend all 35 years of it here at North Penn High School.

Mrs. Lisa Wright is a beloved math teacher whose teaching journey is coming to an end. At the end of this school year, Wright will be retiring after 35 years of teaching different types of math.

“Over the almost 35 years, I’ve pretty much taught everything in the department. I taught Geometry, Algebra 1, back when I started we had a course called General Math and I taught that. Then I kind of circulated through the other offerings. I taught a computer programing minor and one year I taught AP Statistics, but pretty much for the last 24, 25 years, I’ve predominantly taught Pre-calc Honors and Calc Honors,” Wright explained.

Not only had she taught a little bit of everything, but for 21 of her years at North Penn, she was the Department Chair of Math for the high school.

“I was able to fortunately provide my input into just the math sequence and programming as well which helped me feel a little more like I had an even greater impact,” Wright said.

With teaching in the high school for as long as Wright has, she was able to meet many people who positively impacted her time at North Penn.

“Other than of course teaching 35 years of students, all with very unique personalities, I’ve also had the pleasure to work with a lot of colleagues. In both the math department, and the high school in general, that has really provided me with their own perspective into their own subject area and their philosophy on teaching as well,” Wright emphasized. “I think through each of the years and through all the people that I’ve worked with, has helped me refine my teaching craft and I would not be where I am today without the input of everybody that I’ve worked with.”

As nothing is set in stone right now for what Wright plans to do after retirement, she explains that after 35 years and an even harder past two years, all she wants to do is just take a breathe, relax and enjoy herself.

“I want to pick up reading again and I enjoy gardening and I will probably do some of that. I have a family so I’m hoping to be a little more involved with my kids and my grandchildren,” Wright stated. “I always find it important to find something that challenges me so I’m gonna look for my next challenge.”

After a long, growthful journey, it is now time for Wright to enjoy herself and her life outside of North Penn High School. Although she will have time to breathe and relax, she has made it very clear that she will passionately miss her time teaching here.

“Maybe after I relax a little bit, then I might think of what I want to be when I grow up because I’m a firm believer that once you stop learning, you start dying,” Wright stated.