A perfectly sweet combo: Nina’s Waffles & Ice Cream


Jessica Wendowski

Nina’s homemade waffle bites and ice cream. Left: Double Espresso Crunch (top) Peanut Butter Caramel (bottom). Middle: Strawberry (top) Milk Chocolate (bottom). Right: Vanilla.

Doylestown’s streets are lined with a variety of dinner spots and waffles and ice cream shops. Nina’s Waffles & Ice Cream is notorious for its homemade waffles and ice cream combo. With over 10 different aesthetically and tastebud pleasing ice cream flavors, this shop has a treat for everyone. On Google with 4.6 out of 5 stars and mouth-watering pictures throughout the site, I knew this would be the perfect place to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry: It is always safe to go with basic ice cream flavors and the combination of these Neapolitan flavors backed that up. Each flavor had a different kind of sweetness as the chocolate took after a Hershey’s Chocolate bar, the strawberry tasted like fresh strawberries, and the vanilla had a traditional vanilla bean taste. All three were very creamy and had a smooth, simple texture.

Double Espresso Crunch: This ice cream was my personal favorite. Although a lot of espresso ice creams can have a very overpowering espresso taste resulting in a bit of a bitter after taste, this one had the perfect amount of balance between bitter and sweet. Mixed in with ice cream were little chocolate rice crispy pieces emphasizing the crunch in the name. These pieces gave a needed texture contrast to the smooth ice cream consistency. If you like coffee in general, this is definitely one to try.

Peanut Butter Caramel: A close second to Double Espresso Crunch, this peanut butter caramel duo was the perfect sweet and salty combination. With this ice cream, the peanut butter was more of a base for the ice cream. There were hints of caramel throughout, but because of how sweet it was, the peanut butter didn’t overpower the caramel. Although both components were sweet, the peanut butter had a bit of a more savory sensation.

Waffle Bites: These waffle bites are definitely what made this such a good experience for me. They were the perfect size to dip in your ice cream and the crunchy outside and soft warm inside of the waffles mixed so well with the ice cream consistency. The waffles themselves were not too sweet but they were topped with a light syrup drizzle and a bit of powdered sugar giving it the perfect amount of sweetness.