An international question that has no answer shatters the internet


Maureen Gambogi

Something we see every day, but which is there more of, wheels or doors?

A question has sparked the social media world regarding a question that is impossible to answer. In the entire world, are there more wheels or doors?

The question may seem like a simple no-brainer at first, but the more you think about it, we use doors and wheels in our everyday lives without even realizing it. This whole discussion sprouted from Twitter when Ryan Nixon and his friends were curious about what his followers thought about this debate. With 223,347 votes, 54% of the people think there are more wheels and 46% of his followers believe there are more doors. This controversy took its way onto TikTok as the hashtags, #DoorsVsWheels and #Wheelsvsdoors have a total of 114.1 million views. As this trend continues to spiral all over social media, people’s minds change every day after hearing about other people’s predictions and reasonings.

“I think there are more doors than wheels because if you really think about it, there are so many houses in the world. Even on cars, they have the same amount of doors as wheels. In houses, there are cabinet doors and so many other types of doors. Not everything has wheels on it and in general, I just feel like there are more doors,” a junior at North Penn, Natalia Au, stated.

Thinking about the number of houses in the world, the number of doors inside each house, and car doors give you a closer insight on why this question is trending. Think about the number of apartments and buildings there are in New York. Now think about all the cabinet doors, refrigerator doors, and bedroom doors in each apartment or building. Not to mention, this is just one city and the list of the types of doors goes on. Now think of the entire world. This isn’t as easy of a question as you thought about it originally, is it?

“I think there are more wheels in the world because anything that’s a circular object on an axle is a wheel. Technically, door knobs are on an axle so anytime there’s a door, there’s a doorknob, which is why there are more wheels. To name a few, cars have wheels, desk chairs and drawers have wheels, and bicycles and unicycles all have wheels,” another North Penn Knight, Katie Mumford, enthusiastically described.

The thing about wheels is that people use them without even noticing. Machines, shopping carts, and cars all have wheels and the list goes on. Now that this social media argument is rising in views, people are starting to realize that there are more wheels in the world than we think. I was watching a TikTok yesterday that explained the wheel-to-door ratio in a girl’s room and there were many more wheels than doors. The comments on TikTok had many people rethinking what side they are on and shows the thought process behind this simple question.

“I saw that there are supposedly 4 billion Hot Wheels in the world and each hot wheel has four wheels, but there are six billion coffins in the world and each coffin has two doors. That’s why I think this argument is so popular and widely debated,” North Penn athlete, Maya Adams, concluded.

The debate has proposed a similar question to this controversial trend: Are there more grains of sand or particles of hair in the world? There is no scientific way to figure out these uproaring controversies, so the real question is, what side are you on?

Oh, and by the way, it’s wheels.