5 creative promposals for your ideal date

Prom is right around the corner. Don’t wait to ask your date to have the night of their life. A promposal is just what you need and here are some ideas to have your date looking forward to breaking their moves on the dance floor.


Maureen Gambogi

Caption: You can’t say no to these puppy eyes. The right promposal will guarantee you a date with the right person. You only get one promposal, so make it count.

1. Ride to Prom

It’s right after school. You’re trying to beat the buses when all of a sudden your car is filled with balloons, and there are the most gorgeous flowers in your door handle. You have the biggest smile on your face and as you look at the card it says “Prom?” You can’t help but say yes to this surprising and thoughtful promposal. 

2. Prom Pizza

Everyone loves food. Make a special order that will have your date hungry for a promposal. You order a pizza, but not just any pizza. A pizza that has the toppings spelling out prom. Not only do you get a promposal, but you are also filled with savory and a full tummy. How can you say no to food?

3. Sport it out at Prom

How far would you go for a promposal? Take some time out of your date’s practice with a sign and flowers that coordinate with their sport. Not only will this have them surprised but it will be something that they won’t be able to forget. 

4. Buy Your Way into Prom 

Nothing is better than a gift to coordinate with your poster for prom. There are so many creative ways to make this promposal as special as possible. For example, you could buy a Champion sweatshirt and attach it to a poster that says “I’d feel like a Champion to be your date to Prom.” Not only will your date be able to go to Prom with someone but it also gives them an item to remember this unforgettable promposal. 

5. Make a Splash to Prom

Want to adore your date to the fullest? Including an animal in your promposal will guarantee that you get a date to prom. Even a small fish with a sign that says “There’s so many fish in the sea but there’s only one that I want to go to Prom with,” will show your date how much time and effort you put into thinking about this promposal.