Choreograph your plans following the Winter Ball with activities that will make your night even more remarkable

You just took your dancing shoes off. You’re about to leave North Penn High School. Where should you go, all dressed up after you just sang and danced your heart out


(image via The Tab)

The party doesn’t stop at the Winter Ball. Keep the celebration going with these ideas following this unforgettable dance.


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I don’t know about you, but dancing makes me hungry. Why not take the aesthetic route and go to the diner and grab a bite to eat with your friends. Everyone loves diners and you can never go wrong with eating after a big event with your friends.


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This one is for all my competitive high schoolers. Hitting a strike in your dress or suit will put the biggest smile on your face and make your night. Not only is it classy and old school but it will give you a night to remember.

Roller Skating

(image via Time Out)

Do you really want to go retro? Then take off those heels and get your skates. Rolling around the rink will make you feel like the night is still young. The adrenaline you will get will make you have the time of your life.

Movie Night

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Did you dance a little too hard but still want to spend time with your friends? Chill on the couch with all your friends and watch a movie. It’s relaxing and will still give you a good time. Maybe even add a sleepover. Either way, a slumber party is the way to go.

Late Night Photoshoot

(image via OFFSET)

You’re already dressed up, why not have a photoshoot. These hotshots will give you memories to cherish forever and will give you something to look back on. It will even give you cute pictures to post on social media to show off to all your friends.


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Grab all your friends, buy some smores, and don’t forget to start the firepit because a campout is just what you need after a big celebration. This fun activity will give you something different to do and will have the night burning up with a good time.

Jakoozi Party

(image via Olympic Hot Tub)

Bathing suits in the winter? Don’t worry, you’ll be warmed up in no time with a jacuzzi party. Taking off your dress or suit will make you feel so much more relieved and comfortable. This will end your memorable night with so many smiles and laughter.