Top 5 apps to download right now


Maggie Robinson

Among all the app stores are apps from low to great quality. In the article below, Staff Writer Maggie Robinson goes through her top picks on what apps students should download.

Yee Yee Radio (Yee Yee Radio)

Yee Yee Radio: Yee Yee Radio is a must-have app for all country music lovers. They play songs and artists you might not hear on any other station. You can listen anywhere you can bring your phone.

PA Driver’s License Practice Test (The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

PA Driver’s Test Practice Test: For all sophomores looking to get their permit or license soon, this is the app for you. PA Driver’s Test Practice test app is perfect for learning the rules of the road and learning what questions might be on your real test. 

Daily Crossword (PlaySimple Games)

Daily Crossword: Social media isn’t the only fun thing to do on your phone. Digital crosswords can be fun and make you smarter at the same time. Every day you get two free crosswords, but you can solve more with in-game coins you can buy. 

Widget Smith (Cross Forward Consulting, LLC)

Widgetsmith: For iPhone users, Widgetsmith is for you. You can add informational and fun widgets to your screen with just a few steps. It will spice up your home screen and add features you probably never used before. 

iSE (1 Second Everyday Inc)

1SE: 1SE is an app where you can record a video or take a photo every day. At the end of the year, the app will compile all the videos and photos into one big recap. It is a journal entry of photos so you can see how you’ve matured throughout the year.